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A Man's Voice Waking Me Up


For the last few weeks, I have been woken up by a man's voice. The first time I barely remember but I woke up to being uncomfortable and feeling watched. The next time, I had woken up and once I fell back asleep within minutes a man who I couldn't see but heard him say "Boo" and the intent to scare me was there, I jolted awake in fear. I've woken up to feeling not alone, I have tried to ignore it and act like everything is normal. Last night, my son who is 4 woke up after a nap in bed, he woke up terrified and running into my room shaking. I have never seen him so terrified, he wouldn't talk about it so I let it go. Afterwards, out of the corner of my eye a few times I saw a dark figure then saw a grey type of shape of a man. I felt very uneasy and wanted to be with my son for the rest of the night. We have had paranormal problems if you will call it that before. I can feel a presence but I feel like it likes to scare me and my son if that's the case. I am worried if I try to communicate if it will cause problems. I have sage, rocks and salt. My mother even gave me a prayer and chalk that goes above my door, but am worried to try that as well.

My nephew has told me a mean man is in my bathroom, this was a few years ago. Since then things have calmed down but I cannot shake the feeling that there is something still here. I believe I have a gift, I can sense when something is about to happen and can tell the exact event moments before it happens. I am trying to get more in touch with my physic side, I believe it has to do with my origin being born in Romania. But I want to be in touch with my medium side which I know I have seen and felt spirits. I am worried to embrace this side because of the energy it will take from me and the risks I would be taking.

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robmkivseries70 (1 stories) (57 posts)
4 years ago (2020-01-17)
Hi Debbie,
Check out rookdygin's profile, (you can search using his name). Contained with in the information is a cleansing procedure. I realize it's not the time of the year for open windows here in the Show Me" state. Perhaps letting lots of sun light will help.

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