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Dark Man And Illuminati


I am (was) a new psychic and I don't really know about what's out there, I'm trying to learn but I have had no one to guide me since I got my abilities.

So just to put in perspective that my twin flame has "sold his soul" to illuminati and is now possessed by a demon. And I have no clue how to get rid of this demon, energy cleanse don't work. I have tried money and blood ritual and it still didn't work. I'm trying to ask for help but as soon as I talk about illuminati people stop talking to me or don't even bother answering my messages.

Also while I was at work the other day this man came in and right away my spirit guide showed me that this man was very dark and behind his darkness I could see him smile has if he was only smiling to get me to trust him but I'm not sure I had to block my energy from connecting to him. It was so heavy, our energies were too opposite. He started to tell me all about me that I was a survivor etc. And he could know my fears. What is this man? (He is also an astrologer). Was there a link between the 2 situations? Or was it a coincidence?

I have lost my abilities completely not long after. I'm trying to get them back but I don't really know what caused it. Is it because the demon that is possessing my twin affects my energy too or am I getting attacked? We are now in November and I would say I lost them completely in mai (2 months after my awakening).

No one really understands what kind of demon is possessing people unless you've seen it with your 3rd eye. Most people are clueless about magic and the witches I asked don't know or told me to give something to the demon but I already did and this doesn't work. I have not access to my twin either so it has to be at a distance solution, as he is being controlled and whatever I tell him goes straight to them.

I need help. Please! Any information would be really appreciated!

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Hollow-Man (1 posts)
4 years ago (2019-11-29)

Don't even think about negative thoughts and entities. Try to ignore their presence. You empower them by paying attention to them.
In case you feel the presence of negative entities and you feel helpess, block out their energy by holding onto a crystal quartz, wearing a hat to keep your head inaccessible and warm, prostrate (bow down) with your forehead on the ground while meditating, and use positive sentences as mantras (The almighty is protecting, the negativity is perishing).
Monty__ (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-19)
You are correct, I believe we found out why I lost my psychic abilities. I will keep you guys updated when we have the confirmation that my abilities are back, so we know for sure what the exact cause was.
Illumin (guest)
5 years ago (2019-11-08)
Hello Monty,

What another person does will not have an effect on you, only your choices will. So I suspect that you traded your abilities to remove this demon in a ritual? Nevertheless, you should be able to get them back in exchange for something else or simply letting your desire pull them back. Desire when free and unrestrained is unstoppable and more powerful than any force in the universe. Just break those restraints and become truly free.


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