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Clairvoyant Hypnotised Me?


Years ago I visited this sweet little old lady clairvoyant. As I entered the room I was told to sit in a chair directly opposite her about say 1 or 2 feet away with my hands on my knees and to look directly in her eyes. Our faces were really quite close. During the reading she said lots of weirdly very accurate stuff, very personal stuff and other things that didn't make much sense at the time.

When I got home and explained it to my family lots of stuff that didn't make sense was very accurate stuff I had forgotten from when I was very young.

I recalled this tale to a friend earlier and I remembered as I left she very gently tapped me on the left shoulder just once with one finger.

My friend tonight said 'back in the room', and I thought hmm. So I googled. It appears that a tap on the shoulder like that is a common hypnosis technique to bring people out of hypnotic states.

I feel pretty certain she hypnotized me, especially given the seating arrangement and got me to recall stuff.

Not only that, but I she told me I would not get old, maybe 60, and that she was old bones but i'm not. I didn't think psychics were allowed to tell people about their deaths. My wife thinks that she meant I wouldn't be old spiritually. I don't know.

What do you guys think?

I think I was hypnotized, as there was no way for her to have known what she did. I also think being told to sit dead opposite to her and close, and to look directly into her eyes positioned me perfectly to be hypnotized. I am thinking I am just one of those people who hypnotizes easily. I believed what she said for years but now I am not so sure and am upset at having my emotions over loved ones being used against me. What do you think?

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