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This technique, called "image streaming", seems like a legitimate way of developing clairvoyant abilities, even though it never mentions being used for that purpose, but instead for increasing intelligence.

Here is the link to a website that explains it in pretty good detail... Win Wenger wrote a book called "The Einstein Factor", which details it better I suppose, but unfortunately it is only available in paperback, so I have not had the chance to read it.


Many of the things that he says he experiences while image streaming, (and also on the other few websites that I found on the subject) sounds a lot like what I think clairvoyant abilities would be like, especially if combined with intuition.

However, this particular claim he makes has me a little baffled, and I would like some input on this:


From the website (and I'm supposing from the book:)

"At any given moment, there are images in your mind's eye. Half of you reading this can already see them. Just close your eyes and report out loud whatever it is you happen to see there - a tree branch, a sliced orange, a child's tricycle, whatever happens to be there now, not whatever you decide to see there.

For some of you reading this, visual imagery is so commonplace that it seems extraordinary that there be anyone who doesn't readily, consciously, continuously experience it. As many of you reading this find it fully as extraordinary that anyone actually would "get pictures" and see things!

For example, even as I write this I can pause a moment, close eyes, and see, this time: a silver-colored one-engine propeller-driven airplane climbing in what looks like is going to be a loop-the-loop maneuver. I'm looking down on this silver plane from above; below it I see a patchwork of plowed farm field and woodland. Those woods have "softened" with that early spring look just before their foliage starts to emerge.

I'm seeing this silver plane glinting with sunlight, about two hundred feet below me and the woods and fields about four hundred feet below that airplane. My point of view seems to be moving parallel with that plane and we're both climbing at a steep angle. I've a glimpse of the sky, sort of milky blue...

Whatever the significance of those images, it's not what I decided to see or "made up" for the occasion. It's simply what happened to be there in my mind's eye when I looked in at that moment in writing this manuscript. Half of you now reading this can already see your own images, different images whatever these may be, in your own mind's eye..."


Ok, so, I have never heard of this. Are there really people out there that can at any given moment close their eyes and see a tree branch or a bicycle? (especially with no prior training?) I get full color images during hypnagognic state and while remote viewing, but this seems to be something else entirely. Anyway, if it works, then it would make sense that it would help develop clairvoyant abilities by being able to train myself to receive images at any given moment, instead of having to put myself half to sleep first.

I just feel like if this was true, that half of the world's population can easily do this at any given time, whether they claim to be psychic or not, then why wouldn't we hear more about it? I would love some more info on all of this if anyone has any!

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starsofclay (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-21)
I just want to add that I don't think that learning how to do this will teach someone to be a clairvoyant, but teach them a visual tool to use their clairvoyant abilities. Being in touch with your intuition would of course be the first step.

I did try this twice now, and it does seem to improve and increase the amount of images that get flashed across my closed eyes. This will definitely take a lot of practice. Since nothing appears when I close my eyes, I just start by describing the blackness of having my eyes closed, which usually has a layer of light or dark blue that is fading in and out, and flashing. It seems like the more I describe it, the more intense the visual becomes, until eventually faint impressions of different images do begin to appear.

Last night it ended with a feeling that I was in a balloon store, and this very large giant of a guy reached up and grabbed one of the balloons from the ceiling and handed it to someone much smaller, probably his little brother or something. That really kind of confirmed it for me, since that was only after about 5-8 minutes after trying. (Usually I have to put under pretty deep to see any images or for remote viewing). I stopped there and decided to do regular meditation... (in which no images popped in at all).

My theory is that learning to do this will open up a new visual channel for communication, where you can not only receive messages from your sub-conscious, but your higher self and other spirits.

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