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Clairvoyant, Or Coincidence?


Im going to try to keep this to the point, quick and simple, so there isn't much to read.

Basically, before an event occurs in my life where I am mainly involved, specifically where it is going to hurt me emotionally, days, months, or even hours before the event, I see what happens, now in the best detail I can type this up I will try to get you a visualization of how I see these. I'm not sure what to call them "future occurrences"

I will be doing whatever, such as walking, studying,etc, and suddenly I will get this still frame image pop into my head, the best way to describe this is as if you have a memory, it seems the same, the way you see it, how it is a frozen frame, as an example of what "I saw", I had a image of these two black figures in a room hugging each other, from my position of view I was standing around 10 meters away, they weren't moving, it was a still frame, but, however, I know straight away who the people are, IF I have seen them before, if I haven't, then I don't know who they are.

*skip a few months from this experience*

My girlfriend at the time cheated on me, with the guy, she ONLY hugged him once.

I have had multiple experiences like this before. And I blame myself for what happens because I don't listen or really try to avoid what is going to happen.

There was one event In which there were three female voices telling me to do something, but out of frustration I told them to shut up. I don't want to seem crazy.

Please do excuse the lack of elaboration, I just wanted to keep it short, just in case it was something to be dismissed.

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ladysatella (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-24)
Very interesting. My visions move like a movie inside my head and that is very cool that it is a still frame. I wish mine did that so I can study them more. I am sorry about your girl friend. That is a very weird experience. Best wishes.

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