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Do I Have A Gift Or Is It Just Coincidence?


I've always kind of had a weird sense that things were going to happen. But lately it's become more and more frequent but I don't know if it's coincidence or if it's actually something.

It started off as small things like "the ice cream man is going to be around" and suddenly hearing the music that'd play or I'd get a feeling that my parents would have a bad fight... Then they would that night.

Of course that could just be me being lucky but then, recently I've been having more and more feelings.

Like anytime my friends would miss a day, a thought would randomly appear in my head like "so and so isn't going to be here tomorrow" or "what if this person wasn't here tomorrow" and sure enough they wouldn't be. I remember once I got a text an hour after I had one of those thoughts from that exact friend saying that they weren't going to be at school the next day (this person never missed school, he was always there so it's not like it was on my mind because he was never there) and it would happen again and again.

One of my other friends recently moved and I had asked her why, but she didn't want to tell me over text (understandable) but later that day I randomly thought "her parents divorced" and sure enough, they were... I'd like to make it clear that her parents were the happiest couple I met, and the best, so me having that thought was something I shook off at first cause they were just too happy. I never thought they were anything but that so there was no reason for me to have that.

The aforementioned friend (absent one) was leaving for a two month trip to Mexico and so his family bought a new truck to drive there. That same night that he left, I had a feeling that he wasn't going to make it to Mexico, that something was going to happen that prevents him from going... And sure enough, he posted on his story that night about how he wasn't going because his truck broke down. Another thing where I wouldn't have been able to guess that, it was a new truck, why would I think it was going to break down?

There's been more but these were some of the bigger times... Maybe you can claim these all as coincidence... I mean I sure did and sometimes still do... But there are just odd things that I don't know if I can explain...

It'd be nice if someone could help explain cause right now I'm just confused...

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LightMight (1 stories) (14 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-17)
Hi Whoiswe462

You may, like many others, have the ability to perceive information about a person (s) or events that is possibly due to your intuitive sense.

Hmm, comparing coincidence to psychic ability is a highly subjective topic for a lot of folks. To weed out some of your confusion, you might want to try keeping a daily journal of your thoughts and gut feelings - even if they seem random, or unimportant at the time. You'll also want to write down any incidents and situations that occur that can be relatable to the journal entries you've made. Be honest with your entries, and don't try to draw immediate conclusions. At some point, you should be able to either see a definite pattern of your perceptive feelings/thoughts connecting to real life happenings, or not. You might notice that coincidence is more casual, and are often less significant events compared to the more (precognitive) perceptions you may have had about certain people/situations? Bottom line, trust your own instinct, and dive into more research about clairvoyance, ESP, and precognitive abilities.
Good Luck 😉

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