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Coincidence Or Fate?


A week before Christmas my mom moved my little brother and I back to Nebraska, her home state because of a family emergency. She told me that we would be staying until after I graduate high school. Once school started up after break I made friends pretty quickly, everyone seemed really nice. At first I didn't notice her but there was this one girl who seemed oddly familiar. I officially met her around the middle of the week when one of my friends introduced us. We became quick friends and now she's like a sister to me. One day during lunch I brought in my Oracle cards to do a few readings for my friends and the girl was very interested in how to do readings (not putting her name for privacy reasons). I showed her how and ended up being like her Mentor into witchcraft. After a few weeks her and I both started having odd dreams, sometimes these dreams would follow us into the day. At first we passed them off as well weird dreams but they started getting more and more intense and real. We started talking about them over phone and explaining to each other what they were like. Some things that they always had in common was the fact that we were always in each other's dreams. Her always in mine, I always in hers. I started doing research since that was kind of my specialty and wasn't able to find much. I had heard stories that people from past lives have dreams about each other when they meet but I don't think that's what this is. When I found this site I found a story about a possible Luiseach having dreams about their protector and brought the idea up to my friend. We considered it a possibility but still aren't for sure what these dreams are. Lately I've given up on trying to find out what these dreams mean and have started passing them off as a coincidence but... I don't think that's what it is. I want to know why my friend and I having these dreams but I don't know how to find the answer.

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