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I have never reached out to anyone outside my mom but I am curious. From ages 3-8 I clearly remember seeing auras, or a string to help me find lost things, or I could feel how people where thinking. Once I had an experience at Christmas with my family where I am not sure what I did but I was on one side of the living room, and one of my cousins ran passed the fire mantel and knocked my mom's candle holder into our glass coffee table. I just remember walking over and catching it. Once it was in my hands my whole family just stared at me and wanted to know how I caught it. I still don't know how I did. I also spent the afternoon with my grandmother the day she passed away. I came home from school in 4th grade. When I got there my grandma was cooking and she is Korean so it was tradional food. I was not sure how she was there because she lived in Indiana and was very sick but was overwhelmed with happiness she was there. I did my homework while she cooked when she was done she kissed my forehead and said she had to go. My mom came home from work about 15 minutes after in tears telling me what happen that morning. I told her grandma could of died she was just here and left and made all this food and I took her to the kitchen. She didn't know how the food was there and knew I didn't know how to make half of it and just cried. As I got older all of that went away except for my dreams. I remember almost all my dreams, sometimes they come true. A lot of the time they warn me of things that might happen or help me in time of stress figure out a situation. Sometimes I see people who recently passed away that I was close to. I am 24 now and the most important person in my life passed away in September 2019. Since the death it has been weird. A voice came to me and told me my grandpa was going to pass but I was ready and strong enough. One week later he feel asleep and never woke up. Since then everything has come back. I can see people's auras but it happens at the store or around a large group of people and I will get horrible headaches. I don't mean to but if I think really hard on where something is a string appears on the floor it is gray and it takes me to where my keys or badge to clock in for work. My dreams are crazy some I've predicted things for work or with random things. Or I have dreams where I am running from two men and I somehow have like abilities. When I run away I can use the dream I'm in to help and I'm completely lucid but can't wake myself up. And other times I'm just dreaming about everyday life and it never feels like I slept at all. Recently I also been able to feel others feelings. It comes in waves and depending on how strong it is depends on how I feel. Once I was walking to the bus stop and a lady was having a fight with her boyfriend and he punched her and it gave me a sharp pain and bloody nose. A few other times it has been extreme happiness and it builds to this place where I can see auras with out it hurting, but only at work (Disneyland) does that happen. I am sure everything is crazy because I can't get a handle on my emotions with my grandpa's passing. Is there any advise or meditations that could help me? The only other person I talk to is my mom but she is having a hard time as well and her energy and light feels weaker to bring up all of this. Thank you for any help you guys have

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robmkivseries70 (1 stories) (57 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-30)
Hi Rosetose,
I recommend the Silva Method when it comes to meditation, while I'm not selling anything, I would recommend the Silva Ultra Mind program as it was designed to help us, as individuals, find our life's purpose in how to help others. There are some free meditations on the WWW and the complete program available for a price of course. If you look, there is lots of info you can read on the program before you commit to any lessons.

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