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Spirits After Meditation Experience


I've always experienced strange things and seen what I guess would be spirits. I've had many dreams that played out exactly in the future so I'm pretty used to this kind of thing.

I am posting this here because I need advice and I saw a similar post from 2012 but mine differs in a way that concerns me.

I've casually meditated for quite some time but a few months ago I noticed things happening that had no explanation. A closet door that closed in a few minutes when I was gone when there was no way it would close, it's a pretty stuff door too. Then it happened, my boyfriend started experiencing weird stuff too. We don't live together so that makes it stranger to me, before this he hasn't had any experience with supernatural.

His lights would turn off, like the chain for the light would be pulled and a few days later the same thing happened to me. One morning I heard whispering that sounded like a woman, this was when everyone was still asleep and then he tells me his mom said she heard whispering. I had things move to different rooms, convenient as I was going to use them but I didn't touch it.

I stopped meditating and both out 'hauntings' stopped. I'll say he got it worse as at his house doors closed as well.

A few months later I meditate again and the next morning he tells out ghost is back. I can't recall what happened but I stopped meditating again and haven't yet.

Do you think this is dangerous being? Why is it bothering both of us because he doesn't meditate. It didn't feel threatening but I don't want to get into something I can't get out of again.


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