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I would like to share my weird experiences I have had. So at some point I watched a video about reoccurring numbers and after viewing it I was barraged many times where I noticed multiple numbers. Most of the numbers I have seen are 11:11 and 1:11 on my digital clock with a few others appearing a lot. This has happened about 40 times, so I am wondering what it means. I do not think I have a strong connection to the spiritual world as I know they relate to this. I have had a psychic tell me I have a deceased spirit follow me around that I know exactly who it could be and its hard because I cannot feel any presence at all with my sixth sense so I am usually not caring.

I have also had very awkward people encounters where I have talked to and related to many people who are seen as weird and related to them very well and were able to have very long and interesting conversations. For some reason I relate very much with these people and have heard many unusual interesting things that I find exciting to know about.

Also I notice people react to me very weirdly with lots of people who stare often. This can happen with friends, and people I know just staring paired along with strange encounters. I can't describe the encounters as it would be too detailed and subtle to describe, but still important. This applies to animals also as I had most dogs who bark every time I walk past and only a few who are friendly but still look at me quite weirdly. Cats give me a peculiar stare. The friendly dogs are very affectionate with me. This happens every time I am outside. I have noticed friends I make at who are very nice to me suddenly for no reason start disliking and avoiding me. This has hurt my ability for relationships greatly. I would like some kind of explanation for the things that happening to me.

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-o0I0o- (19 posts)
3 years ago (2021-01-10)
The numbers: There can be a significance to catching numbers here and there. Once the idea is presented to you your mind has a mind of its own, so to speak. If this had been occurring and you stumbled upon an explanation viewing the video I would lean towards a spiritual explanation. However, because this unfolded after and more of the result having been exposed to the idea watching the video I am inclined to think it is just your brain. It can be of spiritual significance or it can be Earthly relevant. Our brains can keep track of time with great precision even though you may still be chronically late for appointments, be oblivious sleeping through your alarm clock or missing a movie showtime. The numbers 11:11 are also spiritually significant and can be a mere hello from higher levels or reminding us of deeper aspects of life.

The "weirdness": Without meeting you in person or even online most of us cannot make an informed assessment of that. You might be using the word "weird" very loosely while most other people may have and agree on a single different more precise word which also contains an explanation for what you observe around you. "Weird" is vague. There are many forms of weird and each person has their own interpretation of what they find weird.

The fact that you find people with a variety of unique characteristics interesting and can relate to them can be a matter of empathy and possibly indicative of an old soul with many shared experiences. It can also have something to do with your astrological details. Some people have it in them to understand everyone and/or have the ability to see things from a wide variety of different perspectives.
SPECTRE800 (1 stories) (18 posts)
4 years ago (2020-10-08)
Seeing repetitive numbers usually means this person is very goal orientated. The quality of the numbers are very specific though. And very personal for each person, a so called spiritualist would. Nt know. The person should figure that out for themselves. When I see the number 84 or 108 it usually means good luck with that number,
SPECTRE800 (1 stories) (18 posts)
4 years ago (2020-10-08)
I meant a dead relative. Living people have more ectoplasm and resonance then a deceased expired person.
SPECTRE800 (1 stories) (18 posts)
4 years ago (2020-10-08)
I disagree, a relative would never do these things. I believe these are spirits in the material world, actual living people causing disruptive thought forms, like fearful christians in oklahoma, doing the so-called right thing out of fear, not love. Causing tornados.
spookvanger (13 stories) (137 posts)
4 years ago (2020-10-07)
Hi, You sound quite normal to me. You are young with very little experience but with an inquiring mind. Keep it up. If you are destined to have psychic experiences, they will come, but only when you are ready for them.
As far as the spirit which is following you is concerned, it happens to most people. It is usually a relative who is concerned about you, or an earthbound spirit who does not realise that it has passed over.
If you think that you have experienced weird things, think again. Please read my blogs, 26 of them, to see what I mean. These will also be of spiritual value to you.
Read at:
God bless.

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