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Haunted Barn + Cat Spirit


I'd like to start this by saying that I live on probably the most haunted property in my province and that the house I live in dates back nearly a century.

When I had first moved in with my family the energy was dark, horribly dark and unwelcoming which scared away most buyers.

It was a ten acre property and a quarter of it was wooded.

If I had to guess, the woods might've had 1-3 spirits in it. 1 of them whom I believe is the first owner of the house- the one who built it.

He was extremely powerful and could manipulate the shadows, he caused a lot of destruction in the woods when we first came.

My Mother really didn't like him because he was destroying all the tree's she liked and ended up putting all spirits that were 'once human', in the barn, on the other side of the property. (We don't use the barn.)

We weren't bothered at all and I think they appreciated that we left them alone in the barn. (He also built that.)

But then my younger siblings (Younger by quite a few years) decided to explore it.

I couldn't find it in myself to let them go by themselves in case the got hurt or a spirit attached to them without permission or their knowledge.

They used the underground tunnel entrance to go inside and up until that point we hadn't been in the barn at all.

The energy was mysterious and curious.

The spirits were watching us all around, there must have been dozens.

Everything was fine until we found something in a horse stall.

It was an extremely old sewing machine and perfectly preserved, something I had never seen before. It was so beautiful and for some reason when my little sister approached it I didn't think to stop her.

She messed around with it and took off a few things, just examining.

All the energy in the air disappeared, everything felt so empty. I somehow didn't notice it.

Nothing was there, nobody was watching. Nothing negative or curious or just anything.

She put everything back and went to go check the upstairs and that's when things got bad.

We were on the opposite side of the where the stairs were when we started hearing some loud banging.

It sounded like someone was stomping up the stairs angrily.

Then, beside it a beam of light started moving. It bounced up and down and every time it hit the floor it shook and looked like it dropped- as if the light was somehow heavy.

We ran and something chased us the whole way out.

It scared the crap out of all of us but both my siblings got over relatively quickly.

I on the other hand had a horrible headache for hours afterwords and something kept haunting me. It was over the fact that as a child, I had ruined my mothers love for cooking and I ended up crying over the fact that I could never taste her bread again. It was so weird because I could make the exact same recipe due to the fact that she taught me it. I had no reason to be sad.

My mother came home from work a few hours later, frustrated over something but relatively happy to see me, she had time to think about it so she was calm but there was still that frustration and anger when she was remembering what had happened.

Just as she walked past me she said 'Guess what happened.'

She proceeded to get extremely angry and didn't even tell me what had happened, she just yelled at me and my little siblings. (They were doing a dance competition)

I'm pretty sure the spirit somehow attached to her and got into the house due to the fact that we not only disturbed them but disrespected their space.

My mother also admitted the next morning that she had a very weird and long thought process and that she thought about sending us across the country to live with our relatives because she was 'sick of us'.

The first owner had attached to her and had definitely powered her thought process to go into a dark direction.

Thoughts? Has anyone else angered a powerful spirit? Is this a common thing to be surrounded by so many powerful and negative spirits?

A cat spirit followed us home from the barn and considering he was never human to begin with he got in pretty easily. He's quite powerful although doesn't have any interest in being helpful. He likes our new litter of kittens.

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