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Mother Mary And Mystical Phenomena


Mediumship, Healing and ESP are matters that both fascinate and divide opinion. In that regard, I would like to share some of my experiences as a spiritual healer as they relate to the areas mentioned. I describe my experiences precisely and dispassionately, there is no fiction involved, the following is an exact account of my experiences as they happened.

To give you a little background in general, I can say that although I had my first mystical experience when I was 31, it was not until fifteen years later at age 46, that I stumbled upon spiritual healing after reluctantly agreeing to the repeated requests of my late wife to accompany her on a couple of training courses that she was particularly interested i.e. Clairvoyance, followed some weeks later by a course in spiritual healing. To make a long story short, something clicked for me in this process, and I found myself propelled into a life changing chapter involving clairvoyance and related shifts in perception including what is commonly referred to as mediumship, together with the ability to deliver healing, comfort, and relaxation through hands on healing. I was surprised at the momentum of my newfound and unexpected direction and the roughly 2500 sessions that were to follow, over a period of about 5 years. Just two of my 2500 sessions left me feeling dissatisfied and just one recipient out of 2500 conveyed to me that I was off the mark with insights into what her experiences had been like. I had numerous referrals and returnees and many reports of greatly improved mental and emotional health as about ninety-nine per cent of the people who came to see me would have had ailments of the latter nature, together with issues like anxiety, stressful life changes, relationship issues and job-related issues. Very few people came to me with physical health issues, although one of the very few who did, reported a remarkable cure within two weeks of seeing me. Overall, by any measurable standards, I believe that the process would have been considered a success and I might add that practitioner qualifications and insurance were in place.

I would say that my experiences are affiliated with the Christian Mystical tradition and that the marian vision (and related phenomena) that I describe below would have been the most powerful transcendental type of experience that I had from the period in question. The experience was random, completely unexpected, and very surprising for me at the time as I did not feel (consciously at least) a particular devotion to Mother Mary. I would say in fact, that although, I was raised a catholic, like many of my generation in Ireland I had become averse to all things catholic, and would have been an outspoken critic of the catholic church and a social activist from the opposite end of the spectrum, however it seems that my spiritualism was about to steer me in a surprising direction, the experience that I refer to, as derived from my notes of the time, can be described as follows;

"A and A Vision of Mother Mary  -  2006

A came to me today at 12. 00 noon, for the healing of anxiety. A struck me as a modest and shy man who barely looked me in the eye and barely spoke other than to greet me and say that he had heard of me from a friend. When I held my hands over him, I became aware of an intense heat coming through me with very powerful surges of what I would describe as electrical energy. I was completely enveloped in an atmosphere of enormous Love and then visions began, first, religious icons namely scapulars bearing the picture of Mother Mary, small oval pictures of Mother Mary and rosary beads, the visions then proceeded to flashes of marian blue and then a fully-fledged vision of Mother Mary in her marian blue robes. My consciousness and being seemed to melt into the greater entity surrounding me and I experienced a great lightness and an enormous peace in my whole Being. On asking A at the end of the session if he felt any connection with Mother Mary, he replied that he had an enormous devotion to her and recited the rosary seven times per day, I asked him if he had scapulars, pictures and rosary beads and he said that he had and that his van was 'full of them'. A came back to me a year later, on the Feast of the Ascension and told me that he had not had a day of anxiety since our session. "

To continue my description of notable marian experiences, I will share another. Firstly, to frame the context for you, I will tell you that my wife passed away in 2011 and that despite the extent of my mystical and transcendental experiences, I did not handle it well, I found myself in a vortex of grief and confusion. I entered what is sometimes referred to as a dark night of the soul that was to last ten years. I turned away from spiritualism and embraced what could be described as a bleak form of existentialism. I took comfort in atheism and agnosticism and found myself looking forward to the day when the lights would go out for me and that would be the end of it, I relished the notion that there would be absolutely nothing after death, I would simply cease to exist and that was the correct and comforting order of things.

To make a long story short, in November of 2022 (the year I turned 60) I returned to Ireland from France (where I had spent the ten years referred to above) and visited the places in the west of Ireland where I had spent many years previously with my wife and children. At this point in time, I noted that my spiritualism suddenly seemed to re-emerge, not through any conscious effort but rather by just being in certain places. In March 2023, I had two distinctly clairvoyant episodes where I felt what I understood to be the presence of my late wife, these experiences were very comforting and there were some parallels with the marian experience of earlier years, but it was not as intense. Moving on a little, I was ready to return to France in May of 2023, at this stage I had developed some physical health issues and was considerably burdened with a herniated disc, trapped nerve, neuralgia, physical stiffness, soreness, and a degree of osteoarthritis. I left Ireland on 19th May for the South of France via Bilbao, Spain and headed east for the Pyrenees. The following excerpt from my notes, explains how matters then evolved.

"A healing at Lourdes  -  21/05/23

I was on my way back to France from Ireland and was not feeling well either mentally or physically. I reluctantly decided to visit Lourdes, not that I did not want to go, but rather that I wanted to be in better form when I went, anyway, I made the effort and got off the A64 and drove for about 20km to Lourdes, I felt pretty awful physically with extreme stiffness and soreness from head to toe, something that was very aggravated by the driving, I found it quite painful to move physically as I left the car and made my way to the Grotto, I sat at the Grotto for about 15 minutes and prayed with little patience or faith, I then got up to leave and was almost back on the street, when I felt drawn back to a brightly coloured ornate church, that sits to the side of the grotto, I turned around and walked back to the church, entered and sat in prayer for about 5 minutes, I got up from the pew, still aching all over and then something wonderful happened, as I exited the church, all pain, stiffness and soreness suddenly disappeared, I felt a complete dissolution of tension in my physical being and felt incredibly light as if I was walking on air, I was amazed and found myself smiling and thinking "it is true indeed" I was completely pain free as I left Lourdes and drove comfortably for a number of hours afterwards"

I can say that I perceive the above experience as absolutely in the paranormal range of things. I did indeed pray for physical relief from pain at the grotto but with little faith or hope, however the way in which all physical pain and discomfort was lifted from me in an instant whilst walking out the door of the church was truly remarkable.

Moving on to a further experience derived from the Catholic tradition, you might be interested to read the following account of another of my sessions as it relates to two saints.

"Healing  -  2009

A woman came to me for a healing session recently, when I tuned in before her arrival, I felt huge energy pouring in from Spirit i.e. Surges of electrical energy accompanied by great heat and an enormous sensation of Love, my whole being seemed to vibrate with the energy, so I knew the session was going to be a big one as this has happened a number of times before, anyway, the knock came on the door and I opened it to be met by a smallish somewhat conservative and slightly suspicious looking woman, I was a bit taken aback considering what I had felt before her arrival, I began the session shortly afterwards, holding my hands over her and immediately the enormous energy started to flow again seeming to permeate my whole being and consciousness, I experienced what I would call great Light on the inner plain of my consciousness and then a figure appeared with enormous Love and comfort and communicated to me in a flash that he was St Martin, he stayed with me for a while pouring his love and healing through me, he then merged back into the light and another figure came forth whom I immediately recognised as Padre Pio, then a strange thing happened, all the healing energy that normally pours through my whole being changed course and began to surge through two points only i.e. The centre of each of my palms, I realised that I was representing the stigmata of Padre Pio as he worked through me and I had a vision of the stigmata in concurrence with the physical sensation in my hands. When I had finished the hands-on part of the healing, I asked the woman if she had a special relationship with St Martin and Padre Pio, she looked surprised as she told me that yes indeed, these two saints were her patron saints and that she prayed to them all the time. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to experience the beautiful energy of these saints and to have them work through me and I am very grateful for it."

Over the five years, 2005 to 2010, I had many other clairvoyant and mediumistic type experiences, some of which are as follows, they are described in excerpts from my notes.

"One of my first sessions in 2005

The healing progressed and I had my hands over what we refer to as the heart chakra and suddenly I had what I would refer to as an explosive vision of an angry elephant stamping its foot, this experience was so far out, that despite the fear of embarrassment, I felt compelled to ask the recipient if she had ever been frightened by an elephant, she replied that she had been nearly killed by a rogue elephant in Kruger Park, South Africa, two years before and was still traumatised by the occurrence, so it seems that I could see the trauma that she was still holding as it flashed up when I held my hands over her heart, I suppose if I relate this experience to the healing context, well it would seem that, the trauma was perhaps held in the heart and was coming up for healing in the session at hand"

"A healing for J  -  2009

J came to me today for the healing of Depression, J was a tall, robust but sensitive man. As I held my hands over him, I was flooded with impressions and visions, the first one being that he had had some kind of powerful spiritual awakening or experience six years before, he confirmed that this had been the case and that he had had a powerful vision at a holy well some 6 years previously, the next thing I saw clairvoyantly was the colour pale blue which I understood to be particularly significant and of healing importance to him at this moment, he confirmed that he felt very drawn to this colour and had just yesterday discussed with his partner a desire to paint his house that very colour, as we progressed with the session, I was flooded with new images, one of the strongest being that of a horseshoe which I understood to be in his house, he confirmed that this was the case and told me the story of the horseshoe which had a particular significance in his past, the last vision I had in J's session was one of beautiful pink roses, he explained to me that these flowers had been the favourite of his deceased wife"

"Lady in another country  -  2007

Recently, I did a distance healing for a lady in another country, and I felt what I understood to be the presence of a man in spirit. I asked him when he had passed on and he informed me that it was twelve years ago. I asked him what his name was, and he communicated 'Jack'. I asked him was there any other sign that his loved one would recognize him by, and he showed me a fishing reel. On calling my client after the healing, I asked her to confirm the impressions that I had experienced, she seemed very happy and confirmed that there was indeed somebody in spirit named Jack who had passed on twelve years ago and who was very interested in fishing. She confirmed in fact that all these details were true of her late Dad who had passed on twelve years ago."

Older Lady  -  2005

One of my nicest, although saddest experiences was whilst working with a lovely 80-year-old woman. I felt what I understood to be the presence of a spirit who had passed on a very long time ago. The person in spirit showed me a vision of a beautiful summer meadow with many flowers growing in an array of great splendour and colour. There was a little girl in the meadow picking some of the flowers and then I saw a young dark-haired woman coming from a farmhouse which was some distance from the meadow. The woman came to the gate of the meadow and beckoned the child to come with her to the house and the child did so, carrying her little bunch of flowers with her. Towards the end of the healing session, I described to the old lady what I had seen, and she began to cry and said, 'God Bless you, you have seen my mother'. She then went on to describe how as a small child in the west of Ireland, her mother had died on a beautiful summer's day and how she had gone to the meadow to pick flowers, which she had then taken to the house where her mother lay and placed them in little jars around the house as a gesture of love. I was very moved by this experience myself as I comforted the old lady who had never fully grieved for the sad loss of her mum".

"Various including Spanish Girl  -  2004 to 2009

Many signs come through in relation to those who have passed on. I have had visions of many things including a clock with 3.15 on it which was exactly the time my client's mother passed on, the penknife that a man left to his relative who was with me in the room, the two engagement rings that her late husband bought for my client because the first one was slightly damaged, the handknit white garments that a lady had made, another lady's favourite sweets and so on it goes. There are hundreds of examples from hundreds of healings including one recently where I saw an elderly Spanish lady in Spirit and understood that she had passed on about ten years ago, I saw what I thought was the word "Abella", a word that I did not understand. When I asked my client if she understood the word 'Abella', she said, 'I think you mean Abuela, in Spanish it means Grandmother' and her grandmother who had just visited us had indeed passed on about ten years ago" One of most interesting experiences that I had was noticing the smell of Brylcreem in my house over the period of a few days in 2006. I was convinced that the smell was emanating from a source in the house but could not figure out how or where, in the midst of the mysterious Brylcreem episode, a lady came to see me for a healing session, in the process of the healing, her brother came through, I perceived the presence in spirit as a young man, well dressed with sleek black hair, combed back and gelled; so it soon became obvious what the mysterious smell of Brylcreem was about, the lady told me that her brother had used Brylcreem all the time and that it was the smell that always conjured up her dearest memories of him. She told me further that in the days leading up to our session, she had smelt Brylcreem in her house, the very same thing that I had experienced in my house in the days leading up to the session.

A Distance healing for G  -  2007

I did a distance healing for G today. I was in my home in the South of France and G was in her home in mid France, the Dordogne, I think. When I prayed for her and asked for healing, I immediately saw clairvoyantly, the spirit of an older man, kind faced and smiling, he communicated to me that he had passed on one year ago. At the end of the session, when I spoke to G over the phone, she confirmed that my description of the man matched that of her father, a retired clergyman who had passed on one year ago. As I sent healing to G, I picked up that she had had a major trauma at age 27, she confirmed that her daughter had died when she, G, was twenty-seven. Again, feeling a presence that I understood to be her dad, I heard the following words clairaudiently 'Your hair does not have to be perfect'. On relaying these words to G, she laughed and said that that was indeed a comment often made by her late father and that just minutes before our session, she had had a discussion with a friend about an impending hairdo and had expressed that very sentiment. On the physical level, as I scanned her body clairvoyantly, I picked up a weakness around the lower legs and feet, she confirmed that she suffered from very weakened ankles, I saw clairvoyantly also that she liked to manicure her fingernails very frequently and she confirmed this and added that it was a daily ritual that helped to curb her biscuit eating.

"Healing  -  Midlands Lady  -  2006

A lovely man came through in spirit and his spirit messages showed me three things; a digestive cookie covered in butter, a maroon armchair and a cigarette smoked right down to the end. Midlands Lady confirmed afterwards that these had been her late Dad's three great pleasures in life, he had recently passed away and she had come to me for the healing of grief."

"General reflection on aspects of the healing sessions  -  2007

I am often given information in advance of a healing as to the nature of the person's issues, perhaps health issues on the emotional and spiritual level, life crises that still affect somebody, work issues, life transformations, relationships and so on. The healing works in many ways, sometimes people experience a great deal during the healing i.e., great peace, physical sensations, very deep relaxation, visions and so on, sometimes people may need a few healings, depending on their state of well-being (for example if there is medication, the healing takes longer to be fully experienced). Sometimes people will notice considerable differences in their well-being after the healing the case of one of the few people who came to me for physical healing, a woman who had had breast cancer and thought she would never have children experienced the almost immediate return of the female fertility cycle, something that in her case, had elapsed for two years and then she quickly went on to become pregnant. Another person began to experience fully the joy of nature and could smell the delightful aroma of flowers that she had not even noticed before. People have found doors open suddenly, e.g., a healing done for somebody immersed in a very difficult divorce saw the whole process completed by the end of the following week. He described this outcome as miraculous and in normal human terms would have given it a one in a million chance".

In general, I can say that I am inclined towards Spiritualism based firstly on what I have experienced personally and secondly as validated to some degree by what I have read of the experiences of others, some of them quite famous and some quite obscure. I am not very attached however and there is no doubt that I would have made a good atheist possessing as I do a natural inclination towards rationalism and scepticism and perhaps cynicism, it would be easy and comfortable for me to embrace the notion that all consciousness dies with the brain, followed by oblivion, silence and eternal peace in the form of non-existence. I am probably no more attached to Spiritualism than I am to Atheism, however I have come to accept what I perceive as an evidence-based Spiritualist perspective on existence because that is what my personal experiences as I understand them have indicated to me.

To explain a little about the process as I experienced it, I can say that most of the visions that I had were in colour rather than black and white, the colours in the marian vision were particularly striking. I can say further that at the time, I practised very little meditation and very few visualization exercises. Most, in fact nearly all the impressions that I experienced during my sessions were visual, one of the most remarkable features of the experience was the enormous sense of love, peace, warmth, well-being, calm and indeed bliss. I have come close to such a deep altered peaceful state of consciousness in deep meditation as I occasionally go into a very deep almost trancelike state. I did occasionally receive auditory impressions as in one case where I heard motorized vehicle tyres screeching to a halt, on asking the recipient if that meant anything to her, she told me that it was significant as that was the noise that she associated with the trauma of being hit by a car when she was a child. I mentioned above; the case of the Brylcreem, this I suppose is another type of impression.

Because I had what I perceive to be a marian vision, I will refer briefly to my views on the well-known marian shrine visions and related messages e.g., those at Lourdes, Fatima and others. Whilst I readily accept the power of the vision and incredible sense of presence, I cannot concur with certain views on the validity of the content of some of the purported messages, when I read terms like penance, sin, hell, wrath, vengeance etc and when I find references to the infallibility of the papacy, the rejection of modernism, the notion of "France corrupting the Universe" etc, I have considerable concerns as to how these purported messages were processed and by whom. I have seen and heard most of this disturbing language before as it was very much the language of darker elements of catholic church in Ireland, elements that strove to threaten, coerce, control, manipulate, frighten, and abuse. For me, when the line between mysticism and dogma is crossed, the Mystical and Transcendent is considerably undermined. The marian presence that I personally experienced was one of overwhelming love and compassion, which in itself is a very powerful message, I feel that if this presence was somehow collectively experienced, there would be no need for threats of any kind, as millions would rest in the pure awareness of God's Love and that would be sufficient for a powerful and collective spiritual awakening.

Some ancillary phenomena that I experienced during my sessions include what I would describe as clairsentience as in feeling a presence either to my side or behind me, room temperature fluctuations and at times, very distinct feeling of a breeze blowing around me also strange sensations of heat around me that felt completely paranormal.

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