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The Visions My Mother Recieved


My mother is what I would call a psychic/medium. A few nights ago, I asked her to read me. Having her refuse to several times in the past, I was shocked to hear that she would be willing to. So we sat in the dark in our living room, and she took my hands, dropped her head, closed her eyes and was silent for what seemed like forever.

Finally, she spoke. She told me she saw a field of rolling hills. At the top of one of these hills stood a tree, and underneath the tree was a cross, as if it was marking someones grave. She then said to me that it was apparent that I had very strong faith (which I do).

The next thing she saw was a lavender coloured butterfly flying around, and then I appeared in a white dress. This butterfly began flying around me, and then she said the scene ended and then she saw me again, still in the white dress, surrounded by children. She said I was not their mother, but they looked up to me and I was like a mother. Then, she told me she was shown my life's mission. She told me that she was told to tell me that in order for me to complete my life's mission successfully, I must speak calmly or else I will seem like a 'raging lunatic' (this caused her to laugh because this is not a term we use and was coming from a higher being). She said in every life I had lived, this specific mission was always my mission, and that I had completed it successfully in every life and was rising higher and higher.

The next scene she saw was of an old man sitting in a cemetery bench, in a beautiful cemetery with a park behind it and children playing. She told me this man was my life partner, and that he was visiting my grave. She said he was at peace because he knew that he was going to be with me soon. She said he was my life partner in every single life I had lived, and that at some point in every life we would somehow find each other. This vision, she said, was in the future.

This reading could have gone on longer, but unfortunately she was thrown off because my dad was making too much noise in the background. I would like to know what each of these visions signified? My mother does not know the meaning to each of them, and I am eager to know. If anyone could give me answers to any visions my mom received, please give me some insight.

Thank you.

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DeathClairvoyance (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-01)
Ah, your mother has had clairvoyance. The old man at peace, I have seen that in other people too, it's a sign of good life. Your mother is lucky to be experiencing these visions. I mainly see death or fear.
Krislove (65 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-30)
Anyone can give you an easy interpretation to your mother's vision but it wouldn't really ring true. You are supposed to look at it with a critical eye and interpret it for yourself. Don't look at it as a whole. If you have to, use the same method that others use for dream interpretations. Take each scene/key words apart one by one and on a piece of paper list what these things means to you. Don't get lost in the literal translation. Keep an open mind and write down what ever comes to you. For example, what does a field of rolling hills means to you? What is the image you see when you hear this statement. Describe the scene as much as you can, then move on to the next element. Don't connect the scenes and start anew with each scene/keywords. You will get your message when you are done and read the whole thing. This is what I use to get my answers. I hope it helps. After completing it and seeing the message, talk to others about it and more messages will come to you. The hardest part about this is discerning what is your own truth from another's truth. How do you know if it's your truth? You pay very close attention to your thoughts during the conversation and write down anything that pops into your head or that you hear that feels profound. The truth is we don't receive only one message and once we figure it out, that's it. We have a very dynamic message system that is an endless refinery, so keep an open mind that what you receive today will change in the future because you are not a static being.
Zin (guest)
11 years ago (2013-11-21)
hmm, then perhaps it is more connected to her than your family. Therefore, if that is the case there should be nothing to worry about, well for you that is.
hrk (guest)
11 years ago (2013-11-21)
Zin - she told me this egg man haunted her as a child, and would terrorize her and enter her dreams. I can't say I ever felt haunted by it, or had it enter my dreams, however it did scare me quite a lot!
Zin (guest)
11 years ago (2013-11-21)
Any luck with the egg man thing yet, she seems to be giving so I would aspect it to only be a matter of time.

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