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Repetitive Vision And Chakras Spinning


I'm relatively new in the clairvoyant realm: I've been receivig all sorts of images, some more clear than others. I generally mostly see very vivid shadows with the right corner of my eye and blue, red or white orbs with my left eye. I also see my spirit guide in the middle.

Recently I've been feeling a higher energy spinning all my chakras and I feel my kundalini rising up. I can feel the snake swirling and rising up. As it's moving through each chakra I can feel some blockages getting released. The spinning and sensations are not only energetical but also physical: my body starts swirling when in this state. Anyone willing to comment about this? It's hard for me to make sense of everything.

I thought to reach out with this other question also: for the past 24 hours or so I've been having a headache on my right side with the same repetitive vision. I see 2 beings with black robes and really tall heads sitting around a table. They then stand up, leave, then the scene repeats all over again. I only see it on the right side of my brain. It started after another one of those chakra spinning meditations. 4 beings with long heads approached me then each center physically started spinning and opening up (as though a really advanced healer was doing some reiki or activation on me). Then I saw many entities (some looked like humans, others with long head, and others I wouldn't know how to describe) they all sat around a sort of long meeting table and started observing me. Only the last part of this vision remained repetitive: seeing 2 beings with long head pull out chairs and sit around a table. It's been non stop repetitive for the past 24 hrs. I luckily was able to get some sleep with even some dreams but when I woke up, the non stop vision kept popping up. Any idea why this might be? What is it that I'm not getting and how can I stop this? I asked my spirit guide to help me, I tried prayer, smudging, surrounding and invading myself with Light but the repetitive vision is still there. I'd be so grateful for some guidance. I'm finding it hard to find my peace with the same thing playing over and over again while it's usually easy for me to find my still point.

One Love Reigns Supreme,


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lightworkerhealer (1 stories) (56 posts)
2 years ago (2022-10-26)
Hi! I don't know if you'll see this comment. I would suggest calling higher beings like ascended masters or archangels for help and protection. I believe all religions are praying to the same being, just in different forms. So if you are open to it, there are a few beings you can ask for help or chant their mantras regularly to call them on like Mother Kali, Mother Green Tara, Mother Durga, Mother Quan Yin, Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, all these beings have their own mantra. Choose one deity, or try chanting the mantra of each deity (see the correct pronunciation on youtube) and see which being you feel most connected to, regularly chant the mantra of that deity in your mind, by sitting with your eyes closed like in meditation, instead of focusing on the breath focus on the mantra, the ideal time is 2 hours, but that's a lot for a beginner, so try starting by sitting for 15-20 minutes, then gradually increase the duration if you find it blissful. It should help you. Chant in your mind, what is considered the best type of chanting. Chanting strengthens your auric field and also increases your meditative focus. Of course, it also provides the protection, support, guidance, and love of that being, and eventually all the other divine beings, as all are one.

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