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I guess my story all started at the age of 7 years old. My family move to a small community out side of Niagara Falls and a new friend of mine brought over a friend of his over to my house. As soon as I met Harold, I had this very odd felling about him, something about him really bothered me. Harold lived down the block from my parents home. For some reason I looked in the direction of where Harold live and all of the sudden I got a very clear picture of a older woman on a tan and yellow couch. I could feel she was in extreme discomfort, and agony. Years latter Harold mom was found on the couch in extremely poor health, seems she was an invalid un-able to move for her self. Harold was collecting her S.S. Check, and basically just left here there for years, on the couch, with news papers taped over the living room window so now one could see inside. She was living in her own filth, only giving her food and water. When the paramedics arrived, when they tried the pick her up, their fingers poked through her rotted flesh.

Through the years I have had many true vision, my most memorial one was, my wife and I were at a local bar having a drink. On the TV set at the bar there was a documentary of the first attempted bombing

Of the World Trade Center. As we sat there talking to the bartended, they were showing the twin towers. All of a sudden I watch in horror a jet swung around and crashed into the first tower! I turned around and exclaimed, did anyone see that? When I looked back at the TV everything was back to normal, the towers were just as the should be. Still a bit shaken, I looked back at the tv and saw the other jet hit the other town and the first tower upper level was engulfed in flames. Months latter reality happened.

The one vision that to this day that bothers me the most was I was heading out to a building supply store, and was at a stop light, across from me was a Jet @ a I think a vfw post, as I looked at the jet inside I could see a young boy ponding in the inside of the cockpit, banging on the canopy, screaming for help. I closed my eyes for a second and the boy was gone, and the light had changed. On my way back from the store, I had to stop and take a look. I went up to the jet, and there was no one inside. A couple of months latter, they found a small boy I think 8 years old, that had climbed into the Jet, and got locked inside, and had passed. What really bothered me the most was, it is a busy intersection, and no one saw the kid pouring on the inside of the canopy?

I could go on, and on of the different visions I have had, the worst part, they are usually tragic events, alway some kind of dramatic, or events of deaths of people I know. Sometime I believe that I am actually seeing into a time loop, as the visions are alway while I am fully awake, and so vivid, they looks like they are happening at that moment. Am I the only one that sees things like this?

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