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Dream - You Don't Belong Here


I had a dream where I saw a crowded place. I did not walk. I was hovering above the ground to move. Many people were sitting. I saw a dark Asian guy and people were talking. I scanned the place to see if there was someone who knew me or who was like me. Nobody looked at me. I did not see anyone familiar. I then heard a voice "You do not belong here. You do not belong here", then I moved away and started going to an isolated space when something followed me I could see a strange head. A very strange-looking man with a weird head bit my arm. After which I saw I was back home with my family. What does this mean?. I meditate every day.

I have had dreams mostly where I am in a crowded place and I always wondered why I see crowded places but I have never heard such a voice. I had dreams in the past where I go above the elevator or in a fast car/Bus.

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