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You'll find here our recommendation for the best books, TV shows and movies on psychics and mediums.

Psychic Books

Edgar Cayce: Modern Prophet

Edgar Cayce: Modern Prophet Four provocative volumes from the notorious clairvoyant: On Prophecy reveals predictions on domestic, international, psychological and scientific matters; On religion suggests how religious faith can fully develop latent psychic abilities; Mysteries of the Mind explores the varieties of human consciousness; On Reincarnation provides psychic accounts of people who have lived more than once. This book takes individual readings given over the long term of his "sleeping prophet" career, and arranges them into readable books. Four seperate books are included in this single volume. Without any doubt, this one will give anyone a superb background of his work and ideas, as well as his devotion and personal devotion to Christianity.

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Psychic Movies

The Gift (2000) by Sam Raimi

The Gift A struggling mother of two uses her powerful psychic gifts to support her family. The psychic is played by one of my favorite actresses, Cate Blanchett, who delivers a great performance, as always. A beautiful young woman turns up missing and Cate's services are reluctantly called upon by the police. With the help of a ghost and her psychic visions, she is lead to the gruesome murder scene on the property of man who has become her personal adversary. But are her assertions that the murderer is the town's rebel and wife beater (very well played by Keanu Reeves) or are there darker forces at work? This is a great ghost movie with strong actors, twists and a nice look at the life of a small town psychic.

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Psychic Television Shows

Psychic Detectives

Psychic Detectives When investigators have exhausted every lead and turned over every stone. When detectives are out of time and out of luck. Where do they turn? Law enforcement has developed an arsenal of tools to help stalled investigations. But how often do they actually enlist the help of a psychic? Psychic Detectives tells the true stories of real cases where psychics help detectives solve some of law enforcement’s most baffling cases. It’s the show that’s turning skeptics into believers.

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