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Entity That Looks Like Me Visits My Friends


This is my first entry and among many stories I could tell about quite a few subjects talked about om this web site that I have experienced throughout my life. The subject of this story has kind of baffled me.

I am no stranger to seeing entities of different forms, but my friends are. In 1996 A new boyfriend that I new pretty well from being friends prior very nervously asked me a question. He asked if I myself or something I manafested intentionally interrupted his dream to scare him I was very confused, I had never depicted myself to be the kind of Person who would do something like that or could do something like that. He described the being to look just as I do only with chalk white skin and black eyes, but with the same long black hair and dressed in black as I often do. He said that in his sleep he felt as if he woke up to see the being standing beside his bed starring down at him. She didn't speak or move but terrified him. And that was basically it. Then about a month or so later my closest girlfriend also told me one day that she also had the same exact dream which also made her feel the same way.

Within the next 2 years 4 more of my friends that were not acquainted also told me of the same dream. One of them had seen the entity several times and was afraid to go to sleep with the lights off. It was hard to convince all of them that I had nothing to blatenly do with the dreams. They all described the experience as feeling very real and intentional and not a dream. I have never seen her personally. Nor have any control over her.

Any takers on what this is? Any and all comments are appreciated. AND THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ MY STORY. 😉

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