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A Case Of Clairaudience & Multi-dimensional Visits?


I am exhausted, truly. I've had some type of paranormal experience ever since I could remember myself, although the execution has involuntarily changed throughout the years.

One thing which remained constant is the hearing through to other planes. I first remember myself hearing my name being called, people having loud conversations as the water ran over my head in the shower, loud incoherent voices chatting in my ears, disembodied voices talking about me as I slipped into my most aware state. Lately, it's loud high pitched sounds driving me insane until they disappear and are replaced with a total dead silence. A silence which literally blocks out any sound that should physically exist.

The constant experience of the last two months has been this, followed by me sitting up in my bed in the middle of the night because I'm certain there are dozens of beings surrounding the room even though I can't see them. I haven't slept in so long it's depressing.

Then there's the fact I have convinced myself I have been visiting multiple dimensions. I always had sleep paralysis but now it changed. I would open my eyes and see the walls in my room morph, I would see people walking around at a different time of the day, wearing out of date clothes engaging in activities. I started having a series of dreams which were not symbolic in nature but followed a pattern, followed a number of spirits I would engage in these otherworldly adventure with.

Incredibly vivid dreams I still remember. A life away from this one.

All I know is that I'm tired and although I embrace the dimensional travelling (it's not astral) the fact that these spirits have been incredibly active these last few weeks is concerning. I know how to protect myself, but they just won't give up!

I know they are there because I've had episodes and dreams were I open my eyes and see dozens of them staring down at me, but I just want uninterrupted sleep for at least a week as I'm constantly agitated and moody.

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Soul-Seeker75 (8 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-11)
It sounds like you are at your wits end! I can relate and understand what you're going through. I've had experience with these types of phenomena most of my life. And as a result, I've dedicated the past 25 years to studying and researching these topics.

Since I have had similar experiences, I will share my discoveries of what worked for me, and how I learned to co-exist.Hopefully we can find solutions that work for you.

Like you, I couldn't handle the "cross talk" going on around me. So I began sleeping with my earbuds in. I made a playlist with binaural beats, some feel-good hypnosis tracks and a few spiritual instrumental songs. I have another app playing white noise in the background, simultaneously with my Playlist.

When I'm ready for bed, I put my sleep mask on and take two 10mg melatonin supplements. I click play and start with an Alpha Brainwave Entrainment track. (if you need ideas for your playlist, I can help with that too)

Together, it all helps to drown out and cancel the "Other Worldly Chatter". This way, I can't discern between the two, which relaxes my etheric radar-like awareness. So my cat-like reflexes don't always have to be on high alert.

Another thing you might consider, that REALLY helps me to deal with things, is to do Automatic Writing sessions. (Protect yourself prior, with a protection prayer/spell, white light, calling upon special deities within your religion or spiritual practice... The whole nine.)

I've kind of trained myself to be either less sensitive to my surroundings or more sensitive, depending on the energies that are pervading my immediate space.

When I notice a presence or it makes itself known to me, I slyly push my "feelers" around the room. I'm feeling around energetically, allowing just enough of my attention to detect if It feels: needy, nosey, curious, prickly, sad, positive, aggressive, fleeting, excited, etc.

And also I could begin to tell when a disembodied voice was about to "come through the ether" and say something directly to me because my awareness would raise and attention suddenly shifted and in my right ear I would start to hear a "crackling/static" sound. (Often times, that was followed by a female calling me by my nickname and saying, "I need to talk to you.")

Have you noticed any sounds or sensations right before things happen, when you have these experiences?

If, like, I was just minding my own business... Doing whatever... Relaxing, writing, or reading something, and I felt a slight pressure pushing down on top of my head, I knew and understood that an entity was wanting to communicate.

So I would grab my laptop, open a blank page in a word doc, and wait for a few moments. Then I'd look down and have my mind blown as I read the messages. (I am not Consciously aware of the words that are being typed at any time during these sessions.)

It might be a great idea for you to explore automatic writing. Your higher-self and your subconscious mind might share some insight on why these Beings are there peering at you; what they need from you;heck, maybe even discover how many stamps you have on your multi-dimensional passport and possibly with whom.

I have found it extremely helpful to Write down everything... My day dreams, night dreams, visions, and experiences as they occur, with the dates and times of such.

Do you keep a journal or record these? Do you remember what any of these Beings look like? Do you feel they are the same Beings every time?

What do you notice within your physical surroundings, right before you start to feel that shift or right before you see them? What thoughts are you thinking?

What specific words had you spoken out loud when the walls morphed? (something exactly like this happened to me a few times)

Another thing to try, is capture an EVP. Set down a recording device (app on phone) and just walk away from the room where you feel them. And maybe if you can remember to, next time the walls morph or you are seeing an alternate realty, start recording video or audio or both. Ya never know what digital recorders will capture.

I hope you find some of these things useful and I genuinely hope they work for you.

Let me know if I can help you with anything. I have a PhD in Metaphysics with an authentic passion for many esoteric subjects and experiences.

Good luck with your sleep!

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