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Knowing When People Will Visit


As it usually begins, for the longest time, I've had all the cliché experiences: knowing what song will come on next, having déja vu often, or having some dreams come true, knowing somebody's name or astrological sign without any reason - just having a feeling. I've always brushed it off with some forced explanation.

A lot harder to explain (even friends skeptical of the psychic world don't understand what's happened), I've always also just got "feelings" about people that often turn out to be true. For example, I'll text or call a friend because I suddenly feel like they're angry or sad, or even excited which they do turn out to be - though it is usually a strong feeling and is often somebody I have a good connection with. I also get bad vibes from situations or people that often are correct, though I told myself that I'm just intuitive or I've picked up subtle queues.

It's not that I don't believe in the psychic world, I do. My grandmother's family all seem to have some sort of ability, and my partner's father's girlfriend has scarily accurate premonitions at times. It's just that I never believed that I did. But lately, I've started wondering if I am, I just haven't honed the skill since I always brushed off my own potential.

Since moving in with my partner, I can always predict when his father will come see us. I have no indication he will: there is never a specific length of time between visits, or certain days he comes, nor do I even communicate with him enough to get an idea of when I'll next see him. I just know. I'll wake up on a random morning with the urge to clean because I feel he'll arrive at the door. This morning really got me because I had what I think was a dream, while I was still in bed, of him being in the bedroom next to ours coughing. It felt so real that I assumed he was in the house staying in that room and that my partner just didn't mention it. So I quietly moved through the house as I got ready for work. When I finished work, my partner picked me up in his car with his father in the front seat. I got into the car and asked when he came to the house, which he answered around 4pm which my partner verified. I said I knew he'd be there because of what I now realized was just a dream, but when I said he was coughing in the dream, it turned out he came because he has a chest infection and needs rest away from the city and to see his hometown doctor (he usually lives in the city with his girlfriend).

Does it sound like I have a light psychic ability or potential? Or are these experiences easily explained away with obvious reasons?

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