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Knowing Without Thinking


I never really believed in this psychic stuff, but lately I have had some experiences that make me wonder. I seem to know things without learning them.

For instance, I work with clothes at my job, and the other day I was putting stickers on tags when the thought, "you won't need the last one," just popped into my head. Sure enough, I had an extra that I did not need. Another time, I was doing math homework on the computer over this new subject that required a special math symbol. I had never done this kind of math before, and never on a computer, but when I went to type the symbol I unthinkingly used a shortcut I had never learned.

"Unthinkingly" is the key here though, because when I tried to think about what I had just typed or how I had known that, the information left me. In don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but the fact that I can't steer the information is kind of infuriating. For example, in a trivia game I was very bored with I got every question correct, even though I shouldn't have known some of the answers. However, in an exam I was concentrating really hard on, I had no such good fortune.

Sometimes, I feel like this information doesn't belong to me. Like someone or something gives me a little help from time to time, but doesn't want me to rely on it. Does anyone have any insight on this, or have any similar experiences? I would really love to know how to channel or cement whatever this is so that I could actually think about how I know all these things.

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ThulsaDune (3 stories) (98 posts)
4 weeks ago (2018-11-18)

I think I can help you understand this a little better. Or at least the way I have come to understand it. You are tapping into what I call the Aether or universal knowledge or mind. The universal mind is knowledge and thought surrounding us in space all around us. Sometimes you access it just by chance and sometimes you can concentrate and gain knowledge from it. If you have ever just known the answer to something from out of nowhere without even thinking about it, you have downloaded a millisecond of information from the Aether realm. All the time I have music and songs and words or phrases just pop into my head from nowhere with no one around.
Many times I know the answer to a question before the question is asked. Sometimes I get one word or a sentence pop into my head. It is like having the ability to tap into the Internet without a device or computer. It just isn't as easy or reliable. 😁

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