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Knowing Someone Is Going To Die And Unknown Powers


My name is Alex I will be 18 years old near the end of January, I was born and adopted in 2001, my parents don't believe in psychic powers (but I do).

I met my birth mother in 2016 (named Lora), she seems to have powers (although she never said directly), she knows that my parents don't believe in the supernatural but me and her pretend we're asking theoretic questions when my parents leave us in the room while they go grab a drink or something she says stuff like "you know you don't have to hide it" or asks "so what can you do?" I normally reply with "I don't really know yet" so that's about it for the info.

Anyway I have had dreams of someone dying and within 1 month someone (not the exact person in my dreams) dies.

The first time this happened to me was in 2014, I had a dream where the dog my family had when I was a baby died, the next week my first dog (named Toby) who we got in 2005 was hit by a car.

The next dream was of my grandma dying and my moms friend (who was like my grandma) died. By the third dream I knew someone (similar to the person in the dream) would die, the third dream was a dream where Toby (who was already dead) died and 2 weeks later my sisters dog (named Lizzie) died.

I've had at least 4 other dreams like that and I was wondering if someone has had similar experiences? Also if there is a way to make my powers stronger?.

It may also be worth mentioning I have dreams where I can jump super high (it felt like flexing my feet) and I feel like I could do it in real life, I have no idea how to access that ability of mine (I feel like I know I can jump that high) and I could use some advice on that.

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CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2019-01-05)

Is it possible that it's some kind of astral projection? I mean, everyone has a different way don't they? Yours could be focusing and jumping out of the body. Or levitation could be involved. I'm just guessing. Please do keep us updated on what you find.

snowielove1 (4 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2019-01-05)
Thanks for the reply CrazyCat and Matihodi.
Ps CrazyCat I don't know how to elaborate the jumping thing more (if I have an update I will probably make a whole new post on it)
CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2019-01-04)

I guess it's premonition? What you have is a kind of premonition I guess. I've heard and seen premonitions happening from dreams. I've only seen three types of dream premonitions: one is symbolic (you have to interpret it), next is dreams that simply show what's going to happen (for example, when I was younger I had a dream, where someone said the teacher would be absent and he was. No symbolism, just that) and the last one is from memories (your memories or the things you connect to/ are related to, are used to deliver the messages).

The last type of communication happens with other abilities too. For example, if you are a medium, someone who's trying to talk to you may use things from your memories to convey things to you. Like they might be trying to talk about some sweet food or dessert and the closest thing to that in your memories or that you can relate to maybe an apple pie. So now they'll show you that pic or that memory in order to convey what they want to say. And you explain that. It could also happen with you know, other people who are not so aware. You might be about to see someone whom you haven't seen in a while or get a call from them.Now, what will happen is that you might suddenly think of them, their name might come in your mind or you might remember a time you spent together. Then, you might either meet them or receive a call from them. I think it happens this way cause it's easier to convey messages using your memories or things that you're connected to. Even if you don't understand it completely, you might get the idea that something similar might happen.

That is all the knowledge that I have. I could be wrong or I might have missed things. I don't have anything on developing it or about the jumping high situation. Sorry for that. Could you elaborate the jumping high situation a little more?

Matlhodi (5 posts)
6 years ago (2019-01-04)
So interesting to have found these website,I'm 45 years and it started way before I was around 9 years, I would see things like one time we were visiting my grand parents, we would share a bedroom as girls, during the night I would be awake and that day saw a woman coming into our bedroom door dressed in white, she wasn't walking but floating, I tried to move but couldnt, she came straight to my face and that's when I covered my face with a blanket she disappeared out of the window, I know I have gifts but can't explain or dnt even know how to use them, at times people will be chasing me and would just go up over like I just sprung, I see dead relatives though they dnt say anything. Its so confusing but very interested because funny enough is all these creepy stuff dnt scare me instead would love to know more about my abilities. I have been initiated as a prophet at church but felt something is still missing, went and trained as a seer still I still feel empty. I really need help

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