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Could My Empathic Powers Have Faded?


I've always felt strong Empathic connections to spirits. I used to have many encounters with them. I would see spirits in my home, at times they would speak to me, mostly I could feel their feelings. It didn't matter what it was. For whatever reason I would see them mostly in my house.

My family have always had ties to psychic abilities. My great great uncle was a very famous psychic, spiritualist, and empath in Cuba. Who had a radio show and made many claims that all came true. So having these experiences are not uncommon in my family.

I would smell my grandmother's perfume throughout my house. I saw my great great grandmother who I never met in my home. A small boy continuously woke me in the night for a week calling me mommy. My ex boyfriend who had died of cancer came to watch over me and say goodbye. I saw a few other ransom spirits in my home.

I would even hear and feel their presence outside of my home. I would feel them in old homes I visited (like museums) and even in people's homes. I visited one mansion turned city park where I felt overwhelming sensations that I wasn't welcomed. After I left I looked it up it seemed that those places had the most recorded paranormal activity.

I could sense things from photographs as well. Malicious intent, sadness, illness, or fear. All things that were later confirmed by research.

However, I moved to a new home and I had a dream where I saw one of the spirits. He waved goodbye to me. I haven't felt them since.

Does anyone know why they left? I miss it. I feel as though a part of me is gone.

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HydraDrago (7 stories) (9 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-29)
you have a gift, and you need to understand that it is not bound to your old home or a location, it's within you... To see or hear, or sense energies, what I would suggest as spookvanger said is to go back to where most of your experiences happened. As it would help you connect to your old self better... Another thing I could suggest is meditate, when your mind is clear, you can 'intercept' energies around you clearer.
In the end, remember to believe in yourself.
spookvanger (13 stories) (137 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-15)
Hi Cheerbugg! Earthbound spirits, also called ghosts, are usually bound to their place of abode in earthly life. That is most probably the reason why you don't see or feel them any more. If you really want to be sure I would suggest that you visit your previous home. If I am correct your "friends" will be waiting for you.
God bless.

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