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Could Someone Help Me With An Explanation?


It started hearing my family saying "oh my god" in my right ear about 4 months ago and I don't know if I'm being tormented by something I can't see or if I'm actually hearing them. It triggers when I have loud stuff playing in my ears and it's actually happening as I type this. If anyone could give me an explanation, that would be much appreciated.

I'm aware that I'm a healer and can tell when someone is lying rather it's in person/video or through any kind of text but, this is new and it's messing with my head because I'm unsure about what it is.

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khazraniloofar (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-23)
I used to hear voices when I was in high school and interestingly I would hear these voices when I was listening to loud music or afterward. I also had depression at that time which could be a result of it. Our brain is a very mysterious thing and some time hearing hallucinations can happen. Sometimes though you might be hearing someone else's thoughts, but for me, that has only been the case when it was an emergency of some sort. "Oh my god" doesn't seem like telepathy to me. I would definitely stop listening to loud music for a while. If it continues I would consult with a therapist. It's always good to rule specific conditions out:)
Justart (3 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-25)
Hey Rebel9k, is there anywhere I can contact u?
I'd like to ask u a few ques.
Rebel9k (9 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-23)
I can offer you some ideas but I don't know what is correct for you. There is a such thing as auditory hallucinations. They are when you hear something and your brain trying to make sense of it fills in the blanks on auto pilot and you in effect are hallucinating a particular perception. I am looking for another paper with research which actually proves there does exist an ability for certain frequencies that can draw in other frequencies which do actually have words etc that play in the harmonics. I read it last year saved it to my cloud but have switched phones twice so it will take some time to dig it up. I struggle to find it like I did the first time. I'm an electrician which actually how I was able to one day innerstand how paranormal energy can show itself on our plane or dimension if you will. Also you may be dealing with a psychosis of sorts, I'm not suggesting one way or another just sharing what I've learned. Then there's one other thing. It can take us into a completely different subject and people and conversations of made up minds do denounce with biased opinions esp if it doesn't fit the thread/forum. Personally I believe anything and everything has potential if being possible and I believe I can demonstrate validity to two occurrences happening simultaneously or one in relation to the other. That being covert experiments through clandestine operations for mind control, directional microwave thought implants such as voice to skull, electronic harassment type implementation if various methods that have been carried out in times passed and probably refined upon today. More of your people with esp abilities tend to be of a specific blood type and there have been experiments for causes like that as well. So if I've found research conducted by agencies through secret programs funded by black budget money that was spent trying to find which type of people are more likely to possess certain qualities so I can then narrow down a specific target group for experimentation. So if an agency wanted to study and utilize potential psychics in warfare or people likely to possess esp abilities for use in warfare and whatever other findings that may arise they may run into people who fit the bill entirely but havemt yet tappef into their abilities. Or perhaps they sit back and monitor potential people throught their lives and having the ability to not only watch the prospect experimentee, but to initiate or jump start the ability or perhaps to observe when I is indeed happening and also jump in and mimmick, add too, increase or what have you. There would be more than one reason to do this, one good one I can think of is to keep you in a state of confusion, question, doubt, disbelief, fear etc. Any way to keep you from harnessing your abilities with confidence and building upon them to make readily available and stronger. Also to hoard your gift for their own agenda and to see if the results are for or against their cause. In my research I find it intriguing that the same blood type I mention is also the most desired to be recruited into the military, and many go in two opposite directions. Many promote to high ranking officers like Generals because of their abilities and on the contrary many end up being administratively separated from the military including bad conduct and other than honorable discharges. Many experiments Carried out on these particular types include theor own personell. And it has been suggested that there has been mind control on some of these desirable to join the military prior to being recruited. So it can be said that they follow particulat people from birth. This is my personal belief and with my own personal esp abilities I can tell you it is true we have super computers that can compute on quantum levels. Being able to generate data on multiple axis can give the upmost accurate realistic meta data. Including inputting historical data in which a quantum computer can generate accurate logarithm that can project the future. Hence the birth of A.I. And years prior if you would wonder how they designed it it would make sense that you would experiment and observe special people. Like those with esp, genius, high IQ, psychics, mediums, philosophers and any scientists ahead of their time, alien abductees, successful war generals etc etc from which to gather all the beat of the best to build a super computer that can think at a superior level than the rest of the population that has been over time dumbed down. Hence sheeple. So then however it may fit the agenda at the time whether one is useful or not experiments may be conducted to kick start ones abilities or to add to them, to exercise them, to hone them to steal ideas, inventions, money making schemes you name it. But for people like you who your while life spirits and entities have always been there but all if a sudden there's something else that's there. And even with empathy, above average witt, higher levels of consciousness and even psychic abilities and medium ship there become new phenomena we can't explain or don't get. That particular group that seems to be promoted to high ranking officers or discharged prematurely is actually because of a particular fighting spirit that those people possess. And they are leaders that are deemed for the cause and in turn make great leaders, or because they are leaders and not followers they can't fit in and are deemed not useful for the military but instead perhaps enemy to them. Either way both are leaders. One can be harnessed the other is deemed can't be harnessed. Both powerful and have abilities to lead. And now you have born a potential T.I. Or targeted individual. Those people become isolated. As long as the unexplainable happenings keep one in a state of confusion the more he/she talks the more they become isolated because their stories are too bizarre for regular folk to handle including family members and spouses. So a person can have their natural abilities and at the same time for experiments and punishment/torture there may be other things mixed in as well which can become sudden and chaotic. Remember this can also be used to kickstart. There is a reason these abilities have been studied for many decades now to see how the military can benefit from it and how to create machines and synthetic paranormal experiences to possibly scare or control potential enemies. This is not limited to certain blood types or groups period. The military doesn't only recruit one type. Not only one type is promoted or discharged. But when they seek and much data analyses reveals specific groups with higher likelyhood you will have the more likely more often be utilized one way or another. Two years ago I developed abilities I never really knew I had. I can look back now and realize if I was ever driving with friends in a car and we smoked some pot I was always able to know which turns to make and make a safe get away without provoking suspicion. I somehow felt the win or loss on my friday night high school football games. I knew who I can tell truth too and who I couldn't be forthcoming with because it would cause injury or deficit on some way. But I never thought of it as i. I always thought a psychic should be rich because they should be able to pick winning lottery numbers. But two years ago I was visited three times by a young woman who's death was unsolved. Then I could hear conversations of people that pertained to me. I tried to find out what the time lapse was between it being carried out and when I actually heard it. I know it's been at least same day and usually within 24 to 36hrs but I even saw a week later. And with the food came the bad. I discovered my moment had had abilities of her own she never shared and find out shes friends with many others that do as well. Today I can feel and hear and sometimes talk to spirits and or entities around me. I typically know their demeanor. I hear conversations some between live humans and some are jerks playing games on the other side. Heck today was the first time I put it together that whatever it is that keeps touching my live handles when I'm in my garage with my shirt off is something. I've been wondering for a year or more thinking it's a damn bug. But there's no bug
And it knows it pisses me off so it has fun with me. I used to be afraid to share this because I have also been a TI. I've also been in the military amd I've also had so many injections we used to list line up and think it was cool to get vaccinated against biological/chemical warfare. I've also been to prison for something completely made up bullshiat. Yes I fall under a special interest category there as well. I said that to say this. Whether its evil entities, evil spirits, synthesized by the new rise of community policing groups, government military experiments or some combination, ome thing I got out of incarceration is that they can have my mind. You can't let anything ruin your peace. Peace is freedom in ways and states of fear or branches of it are no way to live. The worst thing that can happen to you is you move on to the next level. Well I suppose you can reincarnated and come back to this place as Tupac put it, but pain only goes so far and then numbness and or shock kicks in and if you learn techniques you can prevent shock allow glands to pump out chemicals in your body and pain goes away. So your left with your mind. The computer or powerhouse. We must stay I'm tact and not. Let anything infiltrate your mind. Respect the universe's and dimensions. They exist. But be firm with your boundaries and fear not. Fear is a quality of the weak and the weak are preyed upon. When I started to reach out I found that there are groups. There are shamans and groups and healers everywhere. And there are groups to which I suggest to the youngsters or anybody new with abilities or experiences. Find them so you may have friends and comrades with similar lives. You are not alone and it sure is nice to validate what you know to be true when people you most trusted doubt you and fall away. You become isolated. When isolated we can get lost in dark deep abyss and be vulnerable. I apologize this was so long but I hope my years of research, experience, epiphanies and revelations of events from decades prior and answered prayers can amount to at least put someone at ease or bring light to them in a dark corner. Dont loose your mind. Our mind is our lantern.
Aegea75 (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-23)
I have a transparent grey cloud that has been following me for years. Sounds crazy, but it actually tried to get my attention. Once I turn to look, it goes through a wall. It happens so often, the kids have noticed it. Not Scarry just uncomfortable. Bad luck constantly! Is the cloud and bad luck have anything to do with each other? How do I get rid of it. I would really like my life back. 😢
Lyro (468 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-04)
Can you give any more information? Hearing someone who isn't speaking isn't something unheard of, but with the little you've shared it's hard to really draw any opinions about your situation.
~ Lyro

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