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Help With Mediation Gone Scary?


To preface I am fairly new to all psychic study. I have recently begun meditations, specifically guided ones to help my mind from wandering. I was doing one with Blue Sky Horizons to help with identifying spirit guides and it was a terrifying experience. I could hear the recording speak of light and sunshine, for the first bit I was jivving. I felt calm and at peace. I could feel the sand and sunlight. I walked up a footpath and saw the trees and touched roots hanging down from rocks to help steady myself as I climbed up the path. Once I reached the top I saw almost a temple formed from the bodies of trees, picture aesthetic pictures of overgrown dilapidated churches. I went inside to a clearing there. In the recording they had you approach a campfire in a clearing. I sat down and had a young brown bear just start playing next to me, which was cool. But everything slowly switched over to a giant sentient centipede towering over me. The sky was dark and stormy with lightning in the distance. I felt trapped and scared. I could remember my body but I couldn't get back to it. I was essentially frozen in its gaze. I did not feel any good intentions coming from this centipede. It would crawl around me in circles until its body was wrapped several times over. It never actually touched me though. We left the campfire a bit and the bear was gone but it was there when I came back. I couldn't concentrate on anything in the centipede's presence. It felt male? I don't know if that helps. There was also some imagery of a sickle mixed in. I really don't know what in all to include, but I came back to my body shaken to my core. I don't know if I feel safe. None of my research so far has helped me as it points to psychic future encounters with people and that doesn't seem right. I need help.

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phaistos (5 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-12)
Hi Autumn,

Its an interesting experience but it is a bit hard to say what it means just based on that alone, because there could be a number of explanations. Like:

1. It is an actual clairvoyant experience of a mental realm with some kind of objective meaning. 2. It is a normal projection of your subconscious mind (though you have quite a powerful imaginative faculty) which is not beyond subjecting you to a few frights or a touch of an inner negativity you already possess 3. You are undergoing a psychic awakening and have triggered a kind of nadi that causes experiences similar to clairvoyance but are more like fantasies.

I would say experience will eventually give you more insight. But you might want to consider whether you are ready yet to continue with these guided meditations that could end up just channeling inner psychological or energetic problems more powerfully.

If you were to practice more contemplative exercises like breath work, rhythmic breathing or pranayama and thought observation (sometimes called samantha meditation) you could help establish and perfect your inner balance, detachment and energy, then when you eventually go back to guided meditations, you may find that there are fewer negative aspects, as you will be in better order. I would follow that kind of approach, if I were in that position but your mileage may vary:)

Be blessed!
-o0I0o- (19 posts)
3 years ago (2021-01-10)
Hello AutumnNoel,

First this I hope to convey is that the presence of fear itself is not an indication of danger. It is an indication of ignorance, lack of understanding and probably the most significant is loss of or perceived potential loss of control.

A centipede represent stability. With all of those legs it is unlikely to lose balance. It also represent coordination and concentration. You say your were "frozen in its gaze" This is your deeper self-awareness. The weather turned dark and stormy with lightening in the distance. You were actually protected but you did not understand what was going on. The sickle is an ancient tool used for harvesting that which brings and sustains life.

If you get over your fear you could use the centipede to invoke peace of mind, serenity and confidence anytime but especially in the face of adversity.
SPECTRE800 (1 stories) (18 posts)
4 years ago (2020-10-08)
I tried this myself when I was 19, and I developed schizophrenia. You. Re very lucky you didn, t go off the deep end,
Zen Buddhism says carry water, chop wood, gain enlightment, then, carry more water, chip more wood. The bible says the age of 40 is the right time for metaphysical activity.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
4 years ago (2020-09-03)
I think you need to try a new recording. And a recording that is guiding you through a meditation should ideally have you create a protective sphere about yourself. How this turned into dilapidated churches and campfires doesn't make sense. Meditations can bring forth inner issues that we may need to work on (fears, programming, etc.) And a sickle? You may want to start at a more basic level. Simple meditation where all you focus on (no tape involved) is maybe a beach scene and light. I think it's too premature to be using someone else's material that may or may not resonate with you. This one clearly did not.


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