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Psychic MediumThe realm of psychic phenomenon is a fascinating subject that has intrigued mankind through the ages. Psychic & Medium Experiences covers major topics surrounding issues ranging from psychic investigators, clairvoyants, remote viewing, famous psychics, mediums, skill development for the seriously minded and even links to your favorite books and movies on psychics.

Send us your psychic and medium experience! is your source for sharing real psychic experiences and learning more about psychic abilities. We are interested in stories from readers like you, if you have experienced any kind of psychic phenomenon or are a medium yourself, please submit it! If you want to comment on the stories, please sign up, it's free!

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Recent publications

Photographic Memory, Synesthesia and Remote Viewing

I was recently listening to an interview of a man who had “photographic memory”. What I found interesting about the details he was giving about this gift/ability is that it was like looking at a photograph in terms of clarity of detail.

Am I Psychic or Suffering From Schizophrenia?

We have received numerous submissions from people wondering if they are psychic/medium or schizophrenic.

Dreams and Psychic Prophecies

I have been a long time fan of dreams and psychic prophecies because our subconscious mind is tapped into the Universal Mind which knows all.

Ouija Boards

Ouija Boards were invented in the late eighteen hundreds which was a time popular for séances.



Informative articles and editorials on the subject of psychic abilities in general. What are they? How can we develop them?

Famous Psychics

Our Famous Psychics section is more than just that. I do want to talk about famous psychics and mediums, but I also want to cover special aspects of each.


Your Psychic Experiences

Psychic and medium experiences are not always spectacular but they certainly are fascinating when it happens to YOU. Here you can read and share those that have touched your life in an intriguing way.

Psychic Tests

The following are tests designed to measure your degree of psychic abilities or to be used as tools to develop them.

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