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Photographic Memory, Synesthesia and Remote Viewing

I was recently listening to an interview of a man who had “photographic memory”. What I found interesting about the details he was giving about this gift/ability is that it was like looking at a photograph in terms of clarity of detail. This struck me as particularly interesting because this is exactly how I describe full contact with a remote viewing target. How are these two different?

The Encyclopaedia Britannica describes photographic memory, also known as Eidetic memory, as “The ability to recall images, sounds, or objects in memory after only a few instances of exposure, with high precision for some time after exposure.”

How this reminds me of Remote viewing is that a very good viewer can have the exact same high precision recall with NO exposure of any duration. The two, I believe, are tied together because they are using the third eye in both cases. The third eye deals with the ability to “see” remote, local, past, future events with photographic clarity in some cases. Because people with photographic memory are generally not aware of remote viewing, they don’t actively exercise this ability in this regard. Why would they when society says it’s either impossible or crazy to do so? But when they make the active decision to remember the information they just looked at, they are still using the same process of moving their eye focus from what’s ahead of them to what’s going on internally to the third eye.

Photographic Memory, Synesthesia and Remote Viewing I would be quite interested to see how a person with photographic memory would perform with remote viewing detail. Their third eye is already naturally developed and I think they would be quite phenomenal. There may even be some current remote viewers that just stumbled onto remote viewing who already had photographic memory and the two just married together nicely. It’s like a person with natural drawing ability who ends up in art classes and is a whiz.

Nikolai Tesla had a similar condition to photographic memory and that was synesthesia. This is the unusual ability to mix visual senses with other senses such as taste, hearing and smells. So he would “hear colors”, “see smells”, etc. This condition is also connected to remote viewing because a remote viewer most times does not just “see” a target but smells it, feels it, and even tastes it, which is really phenomenal considering the target is most times totally outside of the experience of the viewer.

The good news for all of us, is that we really can work on our memory and develop our own photographic memory and we can also learn remote viewing and develop the two into a really powerful ability. There are even sites that help you learn synesthesia:

Which I have no doubt would help with all memories, including remote viewing. While learning synesthesia has a strong focus on using exaggeration and imagination it still concentrates on using visualization.

I have taken remote viewing classes and I don’t recall ever being encouraged to work on developing photographic memory or synesthesia, yet I think doing so would have really good effects.

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