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Attack On Telekinetics Worse Than I Thought


I'm not a natural teleknetic, I developed interest in this ability after watching Kyle XY. I never knew that telekinetic abilities are very real. Fast forward few months after daily practice I had a my very first mind blowing telekinetic rush hour experience which i'm not going to describe in details publicly here for obvious reasons (If you're a telekinetic you'll figure the reason out)

This post isn't for non telekinetics sorry

The purpose of this post is not to gloat if you've done telekinesis severally you'll agree that trying to convince a skeptic is futile attempt

I'm here for possible useful guidance

But a several weeks ago I was sort of attacked by what seems to be some kind of ET while in sleep paralysis. This idiot looks like a dwarf or baby. It plugged what seems to be a brain-material long chord (two) directly into my forehead. The idiot kept blowing air with it's alien mouth at the attached place on my forehead, maybe it thought I wouldn't realize or wake up.

He slid down the long chord attached to my forehead and started to blow cold breeze in other not to wake my conscious mind during that moment I guess.

But I woke up, caught it, me being seriously pissed off tried to use telekinesis all efforts to no avail I couldn't even concentrate or move physically because I was in sleep paralysis.

The remaining part of what happened I feel I should leave out as I don't know what exactly this ET was trying to do or how it found me but I feared it is related to telekinesis.

Do you know of any ET's whose physical stature resembles stunted growth or toddler-like appearance?

I want to know exactly what i'm dealing with here also if you can share your useful pointers or resources

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