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Input On My Thoughts Of Being An Empath & How To Control It?


My whole life I have just always thought I have depression/anxiety. I've been through therapy, when I was on my medication it made me just feel like a zombie, no emotion whatsoever... I did not feel like myself even at a low dose of 20 mg. I have no reason to be depressed or to have anxiety I never knew what an empath was until about a year ago a life long friend of mine of 23 years told me that she thinks I am an empath and she told me why she thought that way. I've been like this as long as I can remember, just never knew there was a word for it. I pick up on others emotions constantly, I know how they are feeling and sometimes I even know what they are thinking. A lot of the time before someone tells me how they feel or what is on their mind already know. I get this weird tingling vibration that goes through my veins and my hands when I'm picking up on emotions and sometimes the back of my skull has a pulsing vibration also. I get extremely overwhelmed in crowds, I burn up to the point where my body feels like it's on fire. It's not a paranoia thing either just all the energy I can feel it and it overwhelms me, I don't really know how to explain it and maybe someone else understands? I tend to stay home a lot of the time because it gets to be a little too much going out with my friends. I just don't know how to control any of it? I can't click the switch on or off it just happens. I can feel others pain sometimes too, like physically. When someone is upset I will get a sick feeling or a pain in my chest. Maybe I'm crazy or maybe someone else will understand and have some input? I'd like to know how to control it and maybe even get better at it, I don't hate having the "ability" would just like to understand it more.



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Clint2000 (1 stories) (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-03)
I feel exact same thing you feel, but I also do more things beside that, I can control someone's mind and make them agree to whatever I want to do, I can't tell anybody how I feel and what's wrong with me, because they will say I'm crazy, I really need someone to explain to me very well and I wish to speak to someone like me
ancient_greeneyez (2 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-11)
Dear Caitlin,
So much of what you wrote really spoke volumes to me- and not to have a personal "AH HAA" moment, but also let me see my own gifts in empath, but also of yours too. The description you put in how you feel, "blood boiling in viens" and the crowd hesitance, is extremely exciting for me to read- and only because, you have very strong gifts.
Something, firstly, I would do- is grounding... It doesn't seem you ground yourself- aka- connect with Mother Earth before you go about your day... I woud read some articles online but basicallly- imagine your a tree, your roots go deep into the earth... And all the energy, bad feelings, excessive feelings you have and do not wish to carry with you- simply close your eyes, meditate and imagine that the Earth is absorbing these... Envision a protective- _____________- around your auroric field... I left this blank, because it has to be something that resonates to you... Could be a bubble, the petals of a rose then the stem w thorns after the rose petals keeping you safe... Etc, etc...
Before I get to wound up in this, the thing that I would give my personal advice to is- for myself- I find that, I'm constantly stopping people from finishing their sentances, I get bored half way through a conversation and I would always say "but I know what your going to say..." and- that irritates the fuk out of people. They don't like to hear that. And in all actuality, how DO we know for CERTAIN AND ABLE TO PROVE- when simply they could jsut change instantaneously their verbal expressed thought and it would, certainly, be different then what we were just going on a large barrage of conversation in a defensive manner- for no use... So, stear the conversation. A different way, or ubruplty end it. You'll get good at that, without them catching on.
When you sense someone is mad, angry or has something thier holding back and could be damaging towards yourself, just imagine a duck paddling in water... You don't know if that duck is exhausted, starving, in heat, about to lay an egg- its always, simply, a duck sitting in water... The feet are moving frantically, barely, systematically, etc... Etc... But we don't sense that... I need to pick up on this one a bit more...
When your going in crowds and you get that gut pain, as you are picking up on another humans pains- try this- and I know it may sound ludicrous, but inside your mind, "I do not wish to feel this anymore. I do not wish to sense this pain..." simply close your eyes for a second or two- or until you feel calm- and it will go away.
The enregy that you feel, say in a negative context- if you allow it to invade your personal energy space, it will do jsut that. At first, calmly. Then with time, it may rush in to the same level that it had just been at in last encounter with a similar situation. Because your body is familiar with that, has felt it, and allowed it. You need to, again, put the protective bubble around your energy and guard your senses. "I do not want to sens this anymore." Will that stop your sense all together? I do not think so, but then with all these suggestions- that is truley what they are... My opinion. And I am not a bonified pscychic or teacher, or- I'm just a 35 year old girl lost in her own life...
I have always been able to sense the energy of a room when I walk in, I just use that for my own inner informaiton... My downfall is, ever since a child, I have ALWAYS THOUGHT "well, isn't everyone else like that? Can't they have astral space travel dreams at age 5 and think they were just flying? Hear what other people are thinking when you lock onto them? Know things that you didn't want to admit- like a relationship doomed when it felt so right?
With the vibration that goes through you, I like to refer to it as being electrocuted from the inside out- but just breathe trhough it... Slow your step and look around to see if you can instantly locate what/person/issue/ is contributing to this... Maybe once your mind understands it, you will be able to dismiss it?
The one thing that I want to- and not warn you of- but just, *CAUTION* is how you say, stay at home and are afraid to go out... This is YOUR life, hun. God gave you THESE gifts as a blessing- not a curse. Sometimes when- say if you never saw a car before. Heard of one. Nor thought of one with your imagination. And POOF- your driving!?! Well hells bells, you better believe you are going to be HUGELY OVERWHELMED DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO, HOLY HANNAH- stop this thing! But then, once you get the hang of it- you can't live without it! I consider strong spiritiual gifts just like this... You need to practice, go slow, understand to yourself- it doesn't matter to explain this to other people they are only going to think your coocoo, especailly if they are spiritually deprived aka don't know it exists... Ya know? You have a soul group here- wich I am SO GLAD I just found (today is my first day, thank you,... So happy!) Like I was raised in a church, went to a christian school 5 days a week, church 2x on a sunday until I was 15. And drove about 2 hs each way to get to school. So, church and religion pretty much was my only existence growing up. I hated it then, but I understand why now. I probably woudl have lost my mind and been hospialized HAD I not had that intense inner knowing, cuz- it hit me hard. Ilke a ton of bricks. And still to this day, it makes me sad to see how hard I had to get struck- but to get me off my white horses back... Ya feelin me? I was so lost- but I get it now... Hope all this made sense I have insane adhd so- yeeeah... Cheers!
Swiley030 (1 posts)
4 years ago (2019-11-10)
I know exactly what you are going through I'm the same way about going out I get so overwhelmed with the feeling of depression and anxiety I have been this way for years but still not sure if it can be controlled I had to stop looking people in the eyes before it would slow down any.
DarriuxDarkk (2 stories) (2 posts)
4 years ago (2019-11-04)
what you experienced is exactly the same as mine even to the details regarding the tingling pressures especially on the head.

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