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Dragon Of Storms


The first time I noticed that my emotions effected the weather, I was drawing images from my dream and something kept harassing me. Trying to give me fears, doubts, they tried to turn me away from my art and depress me. Like feeding me negative energy I slowly got angered and I reached a boiling point, it started storming. Rain got heavier, the thunder got louder lightning struck frequently, then I hit a point in myself I snapped. Immediately after a tornado dropped behind my house setting off my house alarm, warning us of a tornado threat. I started becoming more aware of sky realizing what I think, what I felt emotionally reflected in the sky. I lost my temper with my neighbor at a cookout, I kept it bottled up inside and white lightning was drawn to my spot. I had to smoke a blunt to calm myself, the lightning struck 3 times getting closer to my spot until I finally walked myself into relaxing. From those situations forward I began meditatiob and inner repair on myself. Now I'm conscious of my influence on the weather. Its been a couple of encounters with those negative voices, trying to control how I felt. It felt like my world was crashing because of these negative beings. They jumped me at one point, putting a blade through my chest from my left hand, for the first time I conjured lightning. In my left hand I sparked a quick flash. The discharge of light hit my eyelids soon after the voices were gone, my head was silent for the most part. I researched here and there for an understanding and I found out where the voices came from. I found out I'm an archangel, arch (boat): a carrier of souls. I communicate with the teachers of old now and they've taught me the origin of my abilities and many others like me. We are a force of nature the immortals, 11:11 is a number that follows me, identifying the angelic teachers guiding me. I found my story that's told in history, my genetic or beginning father is the red dragon the God of War. I was born on Tuesday (Mars), I'm born October (birth stone white opal). This is a representation of our transformation from black opal (black dragon of storms to man/ black opal to white opal). I'm born in the fall the season that began ragnarok (the great winter). In Norse mythology the moment baldr died after being struck in the heart with missile toe, this was started ragnarok. Baldr is the son of tyr who is the God of war.

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Licht_Silver (2 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-21)
I could resonate with thi, the attacks
Gonna discover more about myself just like how you did,
But how?

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