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Mysterious Dragon With Red Eyes


I had a reading today from a medium. She entered the house and minutes after I started getting a headache. She picked up on it and had asked me if I did. I told her yes and she said I was being "attacked". She asked if I wanted her to get rid of the spirits and I told her yes. She put her hands on my head and took my headache away. Although my headache did come back after I left the house. After she told me when she touched me she seen a image of a dragon with red eyes. My first time experiencing this I didn't ask what it meant. Now I'm retreating it. Does anyone know what this means? She also said that I have black shadows around me and asked if I ever felt like I was being choked. Which I don't recall. She said I need to pay more attention. Also for myself and my son to get baptized. She also spoke about when I was younger that I had a gift but I shut it off. I was able to talk and interact with spirits and then one day it stopped. I had stuff get thrown off shelves and remote control cars with no batteries in them work by themselves. Even spoke to something through a stereo. Not sure why it all stopped, but I did get involved with heavy drug use so maybe that had something to do with it. This medium was defiantly real being that she spoke about stuff that was going on in my life that she couldn't of known. I wanted to message her directly and ask her what the meaning was behind the dragon but figured I'd do some research first. No such luck so I'm hoping that someone here might be able to help me.

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Jubeele (2 stories) (53 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-17)
Hi Wallyr1985, I feel that your headache is tied to the gift which you've been denying. Meditation may help with easing your headache and clearing your mind. You gift is a part of you waiting to be acknowledged and accepted. Have you felt restless, as if you're searching for something, but not sure what it is?

I'm not sure what the medium meant, but my impression is that the Dragon with the red eyes is a warning to take care. The song "Don't Mess with the Dragon" by Ozomaltli kept playing in my mind when I read this. I've attached the link to it. Perhaps the music or the song might have some resonance for you.

Are you aware of any negative energies around you? Constant fights, stress, general unhappiness? Negative energies may attract certain entities seeking to manifest and cause mischief. The black shadows may be spirit entities of some sort.

If you wish, you may try a general cleansing, followed by a blessing of some sort, depending on your beliefs. There are different methods of cleansing. Baptism is cleansing by holy water, with prayer, followed by blessings for protection. How you wish to proceed is up to you.

I hope this helps. Be Well and Peace to you.

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