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The Blonde Hair And Blue Eye Guy


I had a very vivid dream experience.

It started off in a dreary environment but I realized I wasn't alone. I companied with a 5'6 man that had blue eyes and blonde hair. We were suddenly looking at huge abandon hospital of some type. It was an old style. It was torn down and falling apart at this point I think it was a abandon city. But as I was looking around in my surroundings he was standing on my right side beside me and sudden told me we were together, (dating wise I strongly felt) . I never knew he name and still don't. He was very attractive and not a threat to me. But I never seen him or meet him before this. I was confused but didn't bother to question it because everything around me needed answers.

He held my hand and walked me around the hospital that inside actually had people inside of it still. Complete chaos inside (people all all types just frantically running around) and just as I was about to ask. He told me there was a huge tornado coming and we started heading into the basement. Through the broken windows I saw black clouds in the distance and the skies where grey. I started to feel scared and have anxiety. This hospital had 4 levels. We walked through them all before descending into the basement. He asked me if I was bored I replied with a " Alittle " He then let me put on make up on him for about a good half hour.

Then a woman I believe his ex girlfriend some how was there. She sat next to him but I wasn't sure what to do. Then his friend (who I also don't know his name) came through the big basement steel doors saying he " Got more supplies before the tornado hits". He had brown wavy hair and freckles with brown eyes. (Vivid looks of hair and eyes stuck out) I turned my attention back to the blonde haired guy who's face was now clear from make up and just sitting next to his ex girlfriend. She seemed sad but I could only see why he also told me she was sad. She had blonde hair and strawberry highlights.

I felt like I was invading there space and also felt the need to make sure nothing happened between them. He then decided to move next to me and we sat down and watched a video together on his phone. I was also confused about the time line we were in...

It was a song I never heard and it had pictures. He kept telling me we were together and saying all this sweet thing and even kissed me. But still to me he was a stranger but it wasn't to odd because I felt a sense of comfort. But now that I woke up that dream has now stuck to me...I'm looking for answers I think he's a dream walker of some type. And also I wish to see him again and my feeling for him are starting grow. I just don't know his name or anything about him.

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ufw57 (35 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-16)
[at] Satsuki333


Next time kill him "again" with whatever comes in mind, because now he doesn't like you. Avoiding him won't do you much help.

In a dream, things like dead dream walkers or fake Angels you have never really seen before who treat you like their property could manifest in the real making it hard for you to live a normal life.

For instance, he kills you. Both (say because of the shock & freight while experiencing death for the 1st time) will wake up in the same dimension of your conscious awareness.

Now you will be having an entity or negative attachment following your every moves waiting for a chance of advantage without you even knowing. Feeding on your fear and anxiety that he is projecting towards you.

At this point it's either you die on his arms in a dream & he ruins your life or he dies & you run away forever.

Thanks for sharing,
Satsuki333 (1 stories) (1 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-16)
I had another dream of him. Blonde hair blue eyes but this time he had a tan beige hood on with the hood up. This time he wasn't friendly. I was in a known high school parking lot going to my car. When I saw a group of girls eyeing me and from a corner of my eye I saw him. He look older this time and different. But he walked past me super fast before I made it to my car. I made eye contact that's how I know he had blue again. And he didn't look happy very serious. I got a bad feeling and decided to get in my car extremely fast. Adrenaline started to kick in but I was calm during the moment of moving fast. He suddenly appeared at my window and I quickly locked the doors. But he punched at the window and tried to grab me. At this point I knew there wasn't much to do then to speed off. He followed on a black bike and was able to keep up. I didn't want to hurt him but I also didn't want to be hurt by him. So I drove through the under construction parking a lot round about that's a drive up close to the door. As illegal as it was I knew I was breaking the law. He then quit chasing and disappeared. (( Short encounter))
ufw57 (35 posts)
3 years ago (2021-01-31)
I have meet someone like this in a dream before not once or twice but many times and yes as you say they are dream walkers but not the usual ones we imagine... Have you noticed that all dream walkers always at some point resonate with the color blue or brown and always they are a bit mysterious of how they interact with a person making them feel calmer and appreciated at the time... At that moment?

My guess is they are run by something deep like technology, like guardians of a very strange and scary horrific scene that a program whants you to know about or experience the misshapenings that went down at that hospital... Maybe someone like that died and was stuck in a machine when the tornado hit the town and the lights at the hospital went out for a brief second torning him to a machine... Because at the scene of that dream you guys were watching tv... I think you missed a lot of things about that dimension which are sure enuff to send your blood rushing to your head. Like people running around an hospital... Thats no tornado coming... It's something much more sinister braking out in that same location because unlike us they know when a visitor is around and they want to flex.

Another subtle thing I picked up with my sense is that boy is evil and not good at all he could have been the cause of the death of both his friend, ex girlfriend and the whole hospital... Because as you said you "felt" you were invading the romance of him and his girlfriend and everytime you almost knew what was "up" he came close you you and told you you're with"him" not "THEM"...the victims of his overprotective love for his girlfriend who I guess died first bacause the blue eyed guy thought she was having a relationship with the other brown eyed guy in the room. Also that last location is always the beginning of the event that took place. Like the part of you applying make up on him... That is a serial killer showing you how he loved how his girlfriend applied makeup on him or the mirror and how he is about to kill the whole town ending up stack in a machine that was struck by lightning connected to him at the hospital when the storm hit that place. The last bit is that those two guys in the basement are best friends that planned something maybe founders of the hospital or doctors who experiment with humans but one killed his girlfriend and was angry he wasn't the best for her but the friend there did not know his friend will kill him too and was still going about his mission of prepping from the disaster.

Also a song like that after a dream plays a very big role on what happened at that place and with my guess it suggests a horrible scene that left the gods in tears.

Long story short don't trust those people they are dead... You need to find more about that palce and write about it here but don't I repeat DON'T trust them... Go your own way I'm sure you were just walking his steps of murder... The other NPS's (none playable characters) that lost their lifes, have paths to the lives they were living and is still available. I bet they have their own stories to tell you because now you are a part of that, is living and has questions about that guy you feel connected with.

Stay safe... I Would really like to hear more experiences like this coming from you.

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