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The Blonde Hair And Blue Eye Guy


I had a very vivid dream experience.

It started off in a dreary environment but I realized I wasn't alone. I companied with a 5'6 man that had blue eyes and blonde hair. We were suddenly looking at huge abandon hospital of some type. It was an old style. It was torn down and falling apart at this point I think it was a abandon city. But as I was looking around in my surroundings he was standing on my right side beside me and sudden told me we were together, (dating wise I strongly felt) . I never knew he name and still don't. He was very attractive and not a threat to me. But I never seen him or meet him before this. I was confused but didn't bother to question it because everything around me needed answers.

He held my hand and walked me around the hospital that inside actually had people inside of it still. Complete chaos inside (people all all types just frantically running around) and just as I was about to ask. He told me there was a huge tornado coming and we started heading into the basement. Through the broken windows I saw black clouds in the distance and the skies where grey. I started to feel scared and have anxiety. This hospital had 4 levels. We walked through them all before descending into the basement. He asked me if I was bored I replied with a " Alittle " He then let me put on make up on him for about a good half hour.

Then a woman I believe his ex girlfriend some how was there. She sat next to him but I wasn't sure what to do. Then his friend (who I also don't know his name) came through the big basement steel doors saying he " Got more supplies before the tornado hits". He had brown wavy hair and freckles with brown eyes. (Vivid looks of hair and eyes stuck out) I turned my attention back to the blonde haired guy who's face was now clear from make up and just sitting next to his ex girlfriend. She seemed sad but I could only see why he also told me she was sad. She had blonde hair and strawberry highlights.

I felt like I was invading there space and also felt the need to make sure nothing happened between them. He then decided to move next to me and we sat down and watched a video together on his phone. I was also confused about the time line we were in...

It was a song I never heard and it had pictures. He kept telling me we were together and saying all this sweet thing and even kissed me. But still to me he was a stranger but it wasn't to odd because I felt a sense of comfort. But now that I woke up that dream has now stuck to me...I'm looking for answers I think he's a dream walker of some type. And also I wish to see him again and my feeling for him are starting grow. I just don't know his name or anything about him.

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