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Blue Moons And Confused


I went to a local bar with my boyfriend, we met this women who was a masseuse. My boyfriend has a bad back, she offered to give him a quick back massage which made me happy to see how much he was loved it. She ended up leaving but then came back and walked over to us outside and told me, " I am sorry but I can't leave without talking to you," of course I was a little confused but she then said, "i know what you keep asking yourself, you are a healer for the broken." I have major depression disorder from my childhood; being neglected and physical abused so I ask that to myself on a daily, that made me realize... I was speaking to a medium. The masseuse/med. Carried on after I cried for about a minute and she said that a women actually dragged her back to me and that led into her speaking to my grandmas spirt. It beautiful. After that My boyfriend told her about our telepathic experiences together, she looked at me and asked if I knew my grandma was a medium... She think said "you are too, you're energy is strong," I have a lot of paranormal history, hearing/feeling my dead cats presence & to seeing dark shadows, after that night I told my boyfriend something that he needed to hear for him, I don't remember it at all or what I said but he's positive and my whole family too think I am, my sister says I am an indigo child. I feel things to the core that I can't breathe, I'm very empathetic, I sense peoples sadness & ALL animals love me. I feel what she means but I still don't know?

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