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Initiation With Blue Rune Mark On Forehead


Firstly, I would like to thank you for reading my story!

Secondly, I will give you an introduction of myself before writing the experience that I need help with.

Since I was born 24 years ago, I have been a hypersensitive person, physically and emotionally. I could sense other people's energy and absorb it, or the energy of a place. Whenever I would be around negative, angry or sad people, I would get very ill for days. So almost half of my life I have spend laying in bed weak and with unexplained health issues. Most of the things that me and my parents tried in order to improve my physical health, were unproductive. One thing which I have discovered four years ago and helped me, was loneliness. Being alone is therapeutic to me.

At the same time that I discovered the solution to my sensitivity, I started reading a lot. Since then I have read books about esotericism, spirituality, religions, physics, biology, psychology and any weird book that would get into my way. I knew there must be something explaining my sensitivity.

Parallel to all this, I have had many experiences with "paranormal" stuff, like seeing strange beings, knowing something I could not know, having visions of things that will happen and clairvoyant dreams. So my interest and curiosity in others worlds and parallel realities/lives has grew a lot.

Approximately three years ago, I had a very vivid dream of a companion with whom I had a strong bond but could not recognise in the waking state. I remember that this encounter, even though it was in the dream world, felt more real than this reality and it had a huge impact on my emotional and mental state. Since then, in difficult situations this person comes to my dreams and calms me down. I always had this feeling that he also exists in this reality and we may meet one day.

Also, it happened to me several times while sleeping, that I heard a voice talking to me and guiding me. And once, I even woke up and had a vision of an emerald crystal castle, to which I was invited to enter but I got very scared as I was aware of what was happening and I screamed, so it disappeared.

I realised, that some of my "dreams" are not really in the dream world but in some other parallel reality that either exist at the same time with my life here, or is from the past. I can sometimes try to transfer myself mentally there and the world I see is more vivid and real than my reality here on earth. Sometimes I think I am going crazy because I really want to be there but I am somehow stuck here.

So, as the title indicates, I think I went through an initiation last week. I had again one of those very vivid dreams. I saw myself and another person, probably a young man, standing and holding hands. I was on the right side and he on the left side. In front of us was a big throne and a big creature was sitting there. He had a face of an ape and lion, with lots of hair on his body and his skin was dark brown. He looked very serious and powerful. The three of us were in a big dark cave. The architecture of the throne and cave resembled the world I sometimes saw. I had this intuitive feeling that we were at an initiation ceremony, that something very powerful would happen and it made me scared. I didn't fear the creature and didn't feel that it was evil or something like that, but just that it was very powerful! I knew what was awaiting me as if I had already been through that. And then it started. That creature send a huge powerful wave towards the guy, and it paralised him and took control of his body. It made a rune mark appear on his left palm. This mark was shining with a light blue colour, like a blue flame. Then by controlling his hand, it made it move with force on his forehead and the rune mark was copied there and glowed brightly. Immediately, the same happened to me. The extremely vivid sensation of what happened next is what made this "dream" extraordinary to me and wanting to share it. The creature send his powerful wave over me, and it felt like the strongest fear I never felt before, like a panic attack which was not felt just in my chest, but all over my body. As if all the physical sensations of my body were combined and felt together like an extreme rush of adrenaline through my veins. I felt just that, and not my body. The creature revealed the same glowing mark on my right hand, and moved my hand forcefully, hitting my forehead and burning my skin with that rune which glowed with that bright blue flame. The moment it was on my forehead, I went unconscious in that world, and came to my senses in this reality, standing next to my bed. I was in shock, and that shocking feeling remained with me until now.

Has anybody any clue, what kind of initiation that could have been? I am worried that it could be related to dark beings, even though it didn't feel like that.

Also, I believe the man I was holding was the same person I have been seeing in the past. And that even though loneliness helps me feel better, he may have a way to help me. I have hope, that someone may recognice something similar that happened to him/her and help me understand more, as this experience has really taken over my mind.

Thank you again for reading!

I can share a picture of a place that looked similar to the world I see. Also a drawing I made of the rune as much as I remember it.

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