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V Shape Birthmark On Center Of Forehead


I am 28 years old and I was born in an Asian country where the majority of people practice Buddism. In my family however we respect all religions equally. My parents have statues of Father Jesus, Mother Mary and Buddas in seperate sections in my home. We go to the Buddest temple as often as we go to the Catholic church. I pray occasionally because I am not very religious.

I was born with a big letter V birthmark on the center of my forehead starting from the middle of my 2 eyebrows go all the way up to the hair lines. My mom said that I am a child of Budda because she prayed to get pregnant at a Buddist temple near the sea. I am very sensitive to spiritual things and oftenly I attracts both good & bad spirits. I have dreams of seeing myself as a different person living, fighting and dying in a different world/city/place meeting with different people and some of them are people that I meet in this life.

The more I grow up, the more my birthmark becomes lighter. However it gets very visible (pinkish red color) when I get very sick or very angry.

When I was 15 years old, I saw a women wearing all white clothes for a nun in my dream. She said: "This is me. I am Mother Teresa." It hadn't known about that name before I got that dream so I was suprised. I asked my grandma & mom & they said it was a sign that I need to practice Catholic. But I did not do it simply because I was still a child and I did not know anything better.

When I was 24 and desperately looking for a job in a new city, I saw the image of Father Jesus's face created by my fingerprint shown on my iphone's screen while the screen turned black. I told my grandma & my mom again and they again reminded me to practice Catholic or at least going to the church. Soon after that I got a job even without me going to the Church. But I still highly respect all religions equally.

When I was 28, I unexpectedly got very sick after attending a funeral. Knowing that I am very sensitive to spiritual things, my parents always kept me away from attending such events. However I decided to come to this one to pay my respect to my coworker. I asked for help so my Christian coworker took me to a Christian church to pray and help me cleanse bad energy. She made a cross on my forehead with a yellowish color oil from a crystal bottle. It was supposed to bring me blessings. We prayed together and I felt much better when I left.

After leaving the church, I took the train planning to also visit a Buddist temple because I always wanted to show my equal respect to religions that I am familiar with. As I was walking I visited an unfamiliar church which I later found out it was a Catholic one. I normally avoided going to the Churches overall by myself simply because I do not know what to pray or how to pray in there. But something made me going inside this time just by myself. The Church was empty because it was quite early for the praying time started at 5:30pm. I wanted to leave but there were sounds, noises, and random unexplainable things that happened to me to keep me stay until other Catholic people came almost an hour later. Somehow I was accompanied by a Dominican woman who shared with me her similar stories that she also saw signs happened to her before. I ended up staying in that Church until the end and the Father gave me my blessing my making a cross on my forehead.

And only at the end, I found out it was the Church of Saint Teresa. And I did not even know there were even 2 Saint Teresa. But I do not know who Saint showed up in my dream 18 years ago.

Right now I am very confused. I do not know what religion I should practice. And what is the meaning of the letter V birthmark on my forehead?

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Dholdman (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-31)
Hello Ivenusa would you mind sharing a picture of your forehead?
I have a v on my forehead as well and have been trying to find out some answers on it. Just would like to see if they resemble
Illumin (guest)
5 years ago (2019-03-31)
Hello Ivenusa,

That is a fairly interesting story, and I believe that you should do what you want, whatever it is that fulfills your heart's desires. I do not think you should worry about practicing a religion. Religion and faith are two different things. Religion is a structure based around faith. It is something that allows people of a similar faith to get together and discuss matters of faith. You do not need religion to have faith but religion needs faith to exist. So, what I would do is look around at all religions, research them, etc. And find the one the feels the most fitting to you. You definitely seem interested in Christianity so give it a try, you might even be able to find one that is fused with Buddhist ideologies.

As for the birthmark, it is just that a birthmark, it is you who makes you who you are. A birthmark does not define who you are. So I have a question for you, who are you? I want you to ask this to yourself, and think about it. What makes you who you are, and being who you are what is it that will most fulfill you?

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