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Shadows Shapes And A Voice


One night I was on a walk with a friend of mine, I will call her Mizu. We were walking and there were many bad omen kind of things happening. At one point we had been on some Church grounds and in a window we saw a doll that looked like a short child, and I swore it was staring at me. I got a bad feeling after that and on the way home we were walking along this creek. It was very dark but when we arrived to an area by a school the lighting was there. I saw a shape like a cat laying down right in front of me.

It jumped like it was pouncing at something but vanished before it actually pounced. We continued walking home and I told her about this. About a block away from my house I saw it again, this time it was simple sitting there. Both times it was right in view and vanished before a couple of seconds. She told me that sometimes things are watching out for a person and I was rather at ease about the whole thing.

Mizu went home the next day and about a week later I had been a bit emotionally distressed and I saw it in my room. There is this dresser that my cat sits on, it had her food and water. I was turning my head and since my cat is black I thought it was her. I went to look at her, and it was gone, letting me know it was not her.

A bit later that night one of my family members was to be picked up from work, and I sometimes went along for the ride. As I stepped outside right out of a tree's silhouette a shadow flew. It was like a large bird shape except not as defined. More like an oval with wings yet not that either. It flew out into the open sky, I could see stars and everything yet the moment it flew into the open sky it was gone. Something in my just told me that it was the same as that cat thing.

A few weeks later Mizu had come to my house once again and we went for this walk. About half of a mile from home we were at a park. I called a friend of mine and Mizu told me that she heard a scream, I continued talking on the phone with my friend. At this point we had yet to get to the park. When it was in view we saw a pure white rabbit sitting on someones lawn. I did not know rabbits were out after dark until then.

By the time we arrived at the park we were about to step out of the street onto the grass when I heard something on the phone. I was still talking to my friend on the phone, he was saying something and a deep strong male voice overlapped his voice. It was to close to have been someone on his side, and no one was around. He did not hear it but I know it was from the phone. That was the first time it scared me.

We went straight to the swings and I told Mizu about my other experiences since she had only known of the first two with the cat. I do not remember how many times but I saw the bird often that night, yet not the cat. As well as at one point I saw it in a shape of a human, wearing a cloak. It was somewhat windy and the cloak looked to be billowing. It was gone the next moment, like the with matching the cat and the bird something told me that human shape was male. In the clouds one in particular looked like a pure white stallion.

I wanted to go home really badly then, Mizu had told me it could be something bad rather then something watching out for me. I was really scared of it then. I called my grandmother and she picked us up. Nothing happened for a while after that, until just last night when I saw something like a flash of blue and white light under my grandmothers door. She was sleeping inside and the electrical things in the rooms were turned off. Mizu was not here at that time, since spring break had ended less sleep overs.

That night I remembered something from before the cat as well. I had been on the phone with some other friend, I will call her Akari, and was standing by a shelf on the wall. Around a month ago I had been standing right there and I thought I saw a large spider make like it was lunging for me. Yet it never jumped. I ran and screamed a little, when I went back in there I looked around the decorations. There had never been a large spider.

I do not know if the spider thing is connected to the rest as it happened awhile ago. As well as right before all this happened I had been by a lake near the park. I saw a headless black duck with many osprey on the ground around them. Before that I had never seen an osprey on the ground or close enough to see its head. Now I see them all the time like that.

Mizu tells me not to talk about it, because my fear will give it power. I like thinking about it though, makes me feel at ease. I am not scared of it, I do not really understand why. Does anyone know what any of these things could possibly mean? If it makes any difference I am currently fifteen turning sixteen in November.

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theseyes (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-13)
interesting... I am learning more titles/ descriptions to what I have dealt with in my life but thought I was alone.
Emeralus (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-07)
This sounds like something that I have dealt with in my experiences. My friend and I have discovered what we call 'fiends'. We're not sure if they are demons per say, but they do manifest themselves within the shadows.

They tend to go after people that possess very high spiritual energy. So if your very sensitive spiritually, that might be why they would come after you. Your friend is right as well, they feed off of not only psychic energy, but also fear. I have never seen them manifest as earthly animals before but I have seen them compose as humanoid looking figures and small shadows.

Be careful, if these are fiends and then since that you fear them, they will attack you.

If I'm incorrect, than you could be dealing with some sort of spirit or other entity.

If you'd like to here about my experiences with these creatures just message me or email me and I'll see if I can help you out.

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