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Am I Just Psychic Or Something More...?


I was looking into the mirror like usual as I was in my bathroom, sometimes just to check my hair or brush my teeth. Anyway, this particular day I was peering into the mirror and it started to flux and bend almost like "liquid", then my body, entirely started to turn darker and darker still, until it was completely black.

I was somewhat shocked by this, but didn't startle too much because of my prior experiences with the paranormal and supernatural. I kept looking, my body got darker still and my eyes turned into a green-like, violet-purple color with hints of "electric" blue in the pupils... Very strange, yet alluring color none the less.

My entire body remained black after watching my eyes change colors. The Time lapse of "complete body color change/eye color change is about 30 seconds, because I have been running trial runs so to speak and I've learned to do it voluntarily as of 3 months ago. Mostly it happens at half the speed about 15 or less seconds involuntarily...don't know if that's a good sign? But I am able to somewhat control it's progression so that it darkens half my face like "two-face" from Batman, or I cause the shadow progression to slow or stop.

I think this isn't a haunted mirror, because it happens in every mirror in my house and even in other mirrors like at a public restroom or even my friends and family mirrors. I'm assuming its not a shadow person stalker because I'm not attacked by my own reflection nor does it try to scare me.

I think it may be I'm of a demonic lineage... It's a stretch or that I have some type of deeply graphed paranormal link. I do not practice Witch Craft or black magic so I'm not possessed, I don't buy Occult books or practice dangerous spells or preform hexes on anyone. I think this link with my eyes changing and my body becoming a shadow self really isn't as easily explainable as "past lives" flooding back to me in the present.

I feel it's more of a supernatural nature and it's trying to convey to me that I have a family history or some sort of connection to a "higher or lower realm" either realm of relation I may have, I feel that there's balance in life and in our existence. Sort of like Yin/Yang. Dogs don't go running away from me, I learned animals are very psychic tuned and they don't shew away from me or try to hurt me, which would be a sign that I'm carrying something extremely evil.

I do tend to be a "lightning rod" for dark forces, like I've experienced malevolent forces in the form of dark shadow people around my bed in dark rooms watch me they appear angry in the emotions they let off but they haven't physically attacked me. And I've experienced really positive encounters with ghosts and sometimes angelic beings who have came into my dreams while in REM sleep.

I hope I can figure out what am I? As it relates to this ability to change into a shadow self and if it means I'm a bad person, which I completely disagree that I am bad, as to the encounters of good entities and forces in my life and my recent conversion back to a more religious setting. Yet I still transform into a shadow, if I can use this power for good and figure out what I am, I WILL try to use this to aid in distressed people like myself when it comes to understanding forces and themselves and making the world a little bit better.

Hope anyone can help, thank you for your time in reading this. Many well blessings to each who reads. Good Day.

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ragefan (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-10)
something similar happens every now again my eye colour changes from brown to yellow I have noticed I have two personalities when every time I'm about to change my eyes start hurting then I feel something take control but I'm still presentits normaly good but on bad days its not but it can come in handy at times
spazzoid987 (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-07)
i have a friend that has had that happen to her to if you need any help just talk to me or leave me a message
Emeralus (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-07)
That is an unusual occurrence, and your right it wouldn't be the mirror if you've done it in others. I also don't believe that you are an evil person.

Does your body only turn dark in the mirror or is it actually happening to you physically as well?

I have a few theories that might help explain a bit.

- It's possible that you might be tapping into a parallel universe, via remote viewing or other psychic abilities. This would mean that you might possibly be seeing another 'you' in the 4th dimension.

-It's also possible that someone or something may be trying to contact you, thus granting you the ability to see them within the mirrors.

-Another possibility is that your soul/spirit may be psychically in tune with that of another spiritually powerful being and that you are seeing that soul.

These are just a few possibilities. If you have any questions about these things, I should be able to help clear it up at least a little bit.
animeangel134 (1 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-06)
Wow. That's a really weird experience. Does anyone else see what happens to you in the mirror?

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