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How Can I Pin Point Who?


I have always gotten these "feelings" that something bad is going to happen, whether BIG or small. I can not just pin point to who?

It has been anywhere from lost job, chipped tooth, broken bone, etc. (but never death). About a month ago, I had a "feeling" about something big... Bigger than any of the others prior. I found out my middle son had a huge health scare (he is in PA still) that they can not figure out. I could not pin point who it was.

Now it has always been that the "feeling" is this gut wrenching, nagging feeling of pain and discomfort in my stomach.

Just Saturday, I was at my boyfriends and a sudden feeling that I know all to well came over me, but with another overwhelming feeling I get mixed in.

A little background on the second mixed feeling. My first husband was very abusive to me. Our 3 sons and I would hide in one room when he would be out drinking. It was a "safe" way to make it through his screaming and yelling. So I get these overwhelming feelings of needing to be in a closed room with the windows covered. (Sad, I know)

So now I have this feeling of something wrong, deep in the core along with this crazy feeling of needing to be in a room, "safe". I could not figure out, again, who or what was going on. All I knew was this was different. This was bigger than it ever had been.

I woke up Sunday morning to devastating news. Now granted, I had lost loved ones before but never had a "feeling" about death. So imagine my surprise when I found out one of my close friends passed away Saturday. I can not shake this death. I can not feel like it was his time or he is at peace. This one hits hard.

So I guess my question is, can I learn to pin point who or what and is this a new ability (I don't know what else to call it) to feel a death?

Any insight would be appreciated!

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RHM (2 stories) (17 posts)
6 months ago (2023-12-17)
[at] Piperasc,
Generically, relax in to meditation and see if the information will come. I do get this feeling; though, that there may be times when one will not want to know all the details. Be mindful of being over whelmed but also wanting to help. Hth

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