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I Can Manipulate Vibrations At Any Point


My english can not be fluent. Sorry for that

I can control the vibrations at any point. Like... ANY point.

I noticed this while I was studying in a library and suddenly it felt like there was some vibrational creature inside me, and it moved out to the point (up, down, left, right basically anywhere) binded to my physical body. And people around me were all flustered and surprised.

T first, I didn't know how to control it, but now I can control and move anywhere just by imagining, For example, the atmosphere of students beyond the walls, or just a group of people who are 200 meters away.

What's really interesting is that the vibrations are produced in the shape I imagine.

If you imagine, for example, a virtual foot hitting the floor of a classroom, people around you are experiencing tremendous vibrations, and even I, far away, "feel" vibrations at that point in the SAME shape I have imagined.

Also, if you imagine a bomb exploding in that spot, you can see the vibrations that the air around that spot is blowing up.

But the strange thing is, the "people" around me are sure to feel the vibrations,

but the "OBJECTS" around me don't seem to get the vibrations. They remain intact without any movement or vibration.

I don't know why it doesn't interact with objects... But only humans.

Okay. So... I don't think that this is some telekinesis source? Since I can't move objects.

It just seems like I just can create vibrations (strong) that I can manipulate the frequency, size, shape (basically everything)

OH and my friends told me that when it gets stronger when the air is colder. <- I don't know why.

Do you know anything about this?

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the_real_me (1 stories) (18 posts)
5 years ago (2019-12-12)
actually no I don't know anything about this I always thought it would be cool to do that because I can move energy into my hand for electrokinesis but I don't know about this how do you do it how did you get into it and maybe you can't do manipulate objects because everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies I learn that from "Nikola Tesla"but object vibrate way faster than humans that could be why

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