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Do I Actually Have Any Psychic Potential?


I have grown up super aware of other things. I'd like to think I'm pretty empathic to other people, probably not enough to be an empath, but enough that it's more than others. I have these weird instances where I help random people just because of a sudden urge or something like pay for a meal even though it doesn't seem like they actually need help. Things like that.

Sometimes my dreams come true. Not for a long time now, but they once did. Like I had a dream that I was outside watching my dog have puppies and the next day, my dad surprised me by telling me that the dog had puppies. Once, I had a dream that my abusive exboyfriend reinstated his Facebook and saw that it was true when I woke up and checked.

When my dog died, my parents didn't tell me right away. But that day, I started getting really restless. Like I couldn't sit still and finish my dinner, nor could I wait for my friends to finish theirs, so I threw my food away and went back to my room. Soon after, I received the call that he died. After he died, I had a dream where I saw him with a scar on his back and when I told my family, they freaked out because apparently when he was hit by the car, his spine was broken right around where I said I saw the scar.

This next one may be a coincidence, but my friends were playing with a Ouija Board and saying that I should be wary of the woods because apparently that's where a demon was. I didn't believe them so I walked up to some trees and asked for the "demon" to give me his best shot and had an awful dream of my dead grandmothers body possessed by something and bending and cracking in awful ways. And for some reason, my goal was to find her bones so I could burn them (I'm a giant chicken and never saw any horror movies so I had no reference for the bones or any information that people apparently burn bones for purification). I also heard a child whisper in my ear a few days after.

The last time I had a dream of my grandmother, she told me that I would have to learn to deal with my problems without her and disappeared. I think that's a strange coincidence as well.

In college, my roommate and I both had the same dream of a girl walking out of the mirror towards my roommate's bed. And once I heard whispering in the room when no one else was there.

Once, at my aunts house, I felt this irrational fear for the shadow over my cousins door. And when another cousin took a nap in the room, he had a dream of a demon on his chest. I thought it was weird that it happened to be from the same room that I feared.

Sometimes, I see a little bit of a white outline on people when my eyes aren't really focused on anything. Or weird shadows out of the corner of my eyes.

I once bought tarrot cards for fun and actually had a strand of strangely accurate readings until I let someone borrow the cards. Then I never seemed to use them correctly again.

I've always had this desire for something in my life to be special so I'm afraid that I'm actually just making something out of nothing. I don't want to get carried away and just have everything be a giant coincidence or something. I'm afraid my need to be "special" is clouding my judgment.

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Lifeofhannah (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-22)
I am literally the same, I used to have dreams and they used to come true the next day. Most of them I don't remember now since it was so long ago, but there was one when my ex boyfriend was my boyfriend at the time and he left me alone crying in a house, and never came back, he told me he didn't want me anymore and then 5 days later in real life he broke up with me. I even told him about the dream and he said he was an ahole for it but I guess he was right.

There is so many things that have come true I have passed them as coincidences. I've always wanted to be special as you said to almost like the same person and even my friends get freaked out about it. I've always wanted to know what this was called but it hasn't happened in a while so I don't know but maybe we are a little psychic or something I don't know.
Rose_Blackwood (1 stories) (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-22)
To me you seem like you have psychic potential, since you do have a lot of incidents here.

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