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Potential Sight Ability?


I have had a recent experience that I cannot explain, I've always felt like I was different than most and that I was more sensitive to things that most people cannot understand, I am currently 23 years old and have had something happen that I can't explain but would love to learn or know how and or what ability I'm tapping into. I was talking to my friend on the phone the other day, and she just got a new apartment, her and I have just recently became friends so I've never seen her residence in my life before, as I was talking to her I began to see a blue shower curtain and blue towels and an old Victorian bath tub, then the smell of lavender came in all around me, I then asked her if she had a blue shower curtain and blue towels, she responded with yes, a little shocked since I've never been there before, I then asked her if she had any lavender scents in her home because I was smelling it profoundly, she then told me that while she was talking to me she had just gotten out of the bath, and low and behold she was using lavender bubble bath. I then began to see her bedroom, I saw a black dresser with candy wrappers and 3 pill bottles laying on top one tall and skinny the others smaller wider bottles, I asked her if her dresser was black and if she had candy wrappers and pill bottles lying on her dresser and she confirmed with me startled again that she indeed had these things there. I kind of freaked myself out because I was wide awake seeing these things! I felt as if I was hallucinating because of how vivid everything was, I've seen things in dreams before but never have I had something like this happen while wide awake, if anyone has any insight as to what ability I have or how I can better tap into this I would love to know, because I was astounded at my accuracy and I've never been there before so I know that I have some type of talent I just don't know what it is or how I am able to use it! All help is welcome! Thank you!

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