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What Am I Supposed To Do?


I don't want to sound like i'm trying to be special because i'm not, but i've been watching tv lately and many of the characters psychic powers are just dramatic scenarios of what's been happening to me now that i'm growing older.

For the last few months i've been actually paying attention to the world around me and signs that prove to me that i'm growing into some type of psychic. At first I joked with my friends about how I could see the future, had deja vu, and could feel what they were feeling. But now its too often now that i'm having these "coincidences".

First, after so many premonitions I started researching the ways that I could enhance it and bring it out into the clear so I can have better control over it, and so I do practice psychic exercises in my free time. I don't think that it is possible to control it. When I try it doesn't work. But, just as i'm relaxing i'll have a gut feeling about a song that'll play next on the radio, or who's about to call me, and now i'll think about the most random person from my past and I'll see them within a 1 day period (exactly). And at first it happened once every week, but since I've turned sixteen its every single day.

Then, I realized that i'm always feeling other people's emotions. And starting freshman year in high school I became some type of "therapist" to people I barely knew. We could talk for two minutes and then, they'll tell me their most personal situations.

I'm "too sensitive" says my friends, and I give the best advice on the most unfamiliar problems. I've never been abused, had sex, or had a stepdad that I didn't like. I also realized that I can tell if people are lying and that caused a dramatic fallout with my "best friend" last year. He was surprised when I found out he was with my female nemesis and they had just started dating that day. And I noticed i'm always catching people off guard with my "hunches" and feelings.

I can't deal with sad, tragic stories which is why I go into another room if my family is watching the id channel or nbc dateline, and even the old show America's most wanted. I gave names to the moods or Alter egos that pop up randomly so that I can explain why I might switch my attitude from one second to the next.

Then I realized the other day that my physical empathy is stronger to the people in my family. Yesterday my mom walked passed me and suddenly my right eye throbbed in pain and she complained right after that she had a headache and I asked her,"in your right eye?". And she said yeah. But this was no surprise because it happens all the time. She even feels my pain whenever I'm physically hurt. My younger sister shares the pain of my mother and that's been like that since we've been young.

Also, I have IBS and I can't sit in class too long without getting anxious and having to go out in the hall or the nurse because I need some air.

So I did a lot of research yesterday on Empaths (this being one of the sites) and there was a list signs of being an empath at least 28 or 29 matched me! And

I was confused as to what type of category would I fit into? A clairvoyant? An Empath that can see the future? Not only me but this runs in my family. From generations of my grandmothers, but i've only witnessed the most action from my mom. She has always had visions. Real life visions and premonitions of bad feelings. Whenever she says something bad is going to happen my whole family wishes she'd not said anything because she's right EVERYTIME, never failed.

So now i'm a 16 year old trying to control whatever is happening. If this can benefit me, can I use this to my advantage, can I use this at all? What's the next step. Because I won't be one of the few who have a gift and don't even know it.

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