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Visited By My Nana


On February 8, 2022, my Nana passed away. Her and I were extremely close. She was my idol. About 2 months ago, I was in my kitchen walking up my stairs and right when I got to the second to last step, I got a whiff of the scent of perfume my Nana used to wear almost everyday before she died. I inherited her collection of perfumes including the one I smelled. When I smelled the scent I was nowhere near the bottle of that perfume and it wasn't sprayed anywhere in the house. The scent lasted about 20 sec and then vanished. All the sudden I felt a calm, happy, and safe feeling inside me which made me realize I was just visited by my Nana. She was letting me know she's still here with me and protecting me to let me know things will be ok. That feeling lasted a while. I know it was her. I could feel it! And what makes this experience very significant to me is that out of all my deceased family members who

I was close to never visited me and made it known before and I used to feel sad over that and would think I know I'll never see them again in person and I guess I'll never see them in spirit where they make their prescence known either. My Nana and I had such a strong bond and we were very similar as individuals. She was the first deceased family member to ever visit me and make it known. It doesn't really shock me as much because of how strong our bond was. It really was a magical experience! On another note, she used to tell me a lot of her relatives who are deceased died in the month of February throughout the years... And then she died in February of 2022... Very strange

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