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When I Was 5 What Seemed To Be A Dark Spirit Visited Me


When I was five years old I had three imaginary friends I believed that lived in three of my stuffed animals. Their names were Cheetah, Giraffe, and Ellie the Elephant. My mother was in the hospital after having a grand mall seizure so me baby sister, my Dad, and I had came home late after a long visit to the ER my precious friends in toe lightly moist from my crying on them. My Dad tucked my sister and I into bed (which at the time we had separate rooms). He turned on the night light after kissing me goodnight and giving me a small speech about how mommy was fine.

He left and after awhile my night light flickered and went out for and five seconds and so far it was the longest five seconds of my life. It then turned on and there was a presence on the farthest wall of my room. I started to cry softly. I had a hard time catching my breath due to my already stuffy nose from earlier and the thickness of the air in the room. I clutched on to my three stuffed animals begging for my friends to come protect from the monster.

Once again the little light flickered and the thing was gone, then I was suddenly flung from my bed by an unknown force. I look up from the floor a dark shadow is on the ceiling above my bed. At this point I had tried to scream for my Dad in the room just across the hall. I opened my mouth nothing came out just a wheezy exhale. Then there was voice in my head,"It's okay baby she's not here for you". After that the night light flickered once again.

I sat there on the floor for 10 seconds, holding my breath and squeezing my eyes shut waiting for whatever that shadow was to drag me to where ever the hell it came from. I opened my eyes the light was still on, the air was breathable, and the shadow was gone. I hesitantly got into bed and flipped the sheets over my head scared half to death.

In the morning I noticed one my stuffed animals was missing, it was Cheetah. I looked around and found her behind my bed right where I felt something push me off the bed. I still have two of those toys from that night, Cheetah being one of them. I just couldn't bring myself to let her go. My mom still has her seizures having them less and less. My Dad works a lot to pay for her treatment and every now and again I think of that night. I don't know what visited my younger self that late night or who spoke to me.

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