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Did I See Multiple Peoples Inner Selves?


I (F, 25) need help figuring out what I am spiritually or if I'm going crazy. (Multiple short stories that has happened within a week or so)

I was out with an old coworker we'll call Jake (M,33), it was about 9:30-10pm. Jake was sitting across from me at an outside table. His face was normal then all of a sudden it changed. It was him but sweeter looking, with inherit goodness behind on the "mask"; I have no better way to describe it other than a very opaque mask, and a light that I couldn't see but feel.

My best friends sister (F,27) and I were out thrifting. She was telling me about her plans and person life when out of no where her face changed too. It was her in almost a seductress way with a smirk and everything. Again, it was very very opaque. I told her I saw her as soon as it happened. And she laughed bc she knew I saw it and what I meant.

Another was with this guy friend (M,36) from work, I was talking to him about how I can predict what he does and how I can read him kind of easily. He gave me a smirk and I saw it, it honestly freaked me out. It was almost a demon mask over his face but a very very opaque one. I told him well yelled it, I see you! He smirked and it got a little less see through. It was weird.

Anyway I would love to get some insight onto what this could be, if it's a long term thing or?

I am also an empath, intuitive, have premonitions in dreams but not very often. They usually pertain to my personal life.

Even if anyone has any suggestions on what to research that would be helpful. I cannot seem to find any other person that has experienced something similar...

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RHM (2 stories) (17 posts)
1 year ago (2023-07-02)
[at] Artgirl1105
Good Day,
It does sound like you could see the people's inner selves. Observing these people over a period of time would help you grade your "seeing". This may simply be the manner in which your talent manifests itself. For more study, I'd recommend "The Silva Method of Mind Control" to help you develop your gifts. I'm not selling anything just a satisfied customer.

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