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I'm Pretty Sure I Can See The Future


A few weeks ago, I had a strange experience, and I believe I saw the future. Well, I didn't see anything, but I did have a very strong sense of foreboding, and I knew something bad was going to happen to a close friend of mine. When I talked to her about it, she said that she wouldn't have believed me if it weren't for the fact that she herself had been on edge lately, with the same sense of danger. Now that I'd warned her, she stayed alert for the next week or so, and eventually the danger passed; I could feel exactly when it was over. Nothing ever did happen, so I guess I don't have any real evidence for this case, but I believe that my warning prevented whatever that event would have been.

After this happened, I told my mom about it, because I'm not stupid (unlike some teenagers). To my surprise, she explained that psychic ablilities run in my family. My aunt, uncle, grandmother, and mother all have the ability to see the future, though from what I was told their visions are much stronger than mine. Once my aunt told my mom that she'd seen her get hit by a green sports car, and a few weeks later she was nearly hit by a green sports car, but she'd been on the lookout so she wasn't hurt. Also, my grandmother, aunt, and uncle can all see ghosts. There was a ghost who lived in the house where my mom grew up, the ghost of the previous owner of the house, and he was always re-arranging the kitchen when my grandmother wasn't looking. On my great-grandfather's farm, there was a ghost named Alphonso who was always pulling pranks on everyone in the house. I think I saw him once, when I was very young, though the memory is too hazy for me to be sure.

Hence why I have reason to believe that I, too, have a form of precognition. After this event, I began remembering times when I had other psychic experiences; in fact many have happened since then. Most commonly, I'll experience a heightened form of dejavu, which my mom calls 'premembering' in which I remember an event happening as I see it. I can change it though, which makes things really trippy as I watch one version play out in my mind, and a different one in reality. Also, sometimes when my mind is quiet, usually at night, I can hear the voices of people I know saying my name. I don't ever hear anything else, but I hear the voices clearly, and know they're thinking of me.

I have a lot of questions after all of this, obviously, and I hope to find answers here. Is it common for psychic abilities to be linked to a family line? What should I do if something like this happens again, but I'm unable to warn anyone? Can I learn to improve my abilities, so I won't be blindsided by the future?

I hope I can find answers here.

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christetrapolar (8 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-09)
Hi Titanium. It seems that the spirit world loves your family.
You can improve your ability by
Intention. Ask your spirits guide to send you more visions and more often.
Clearing your chakras guided meditation. You find many on you tube.
Focused Meditation on a candlelight. What you want is meditation with awareness.
Meditation without awareness is just hypnosis and can be dangerous.
To help you meditate do alternate cold hot baths if you can before stating meditation.
Hugging a tree barefooted is also excellent if you can.
If you meditate that way do to be surprised if tree spirits start talking to you after a while.
Good luck with your spiritual journey.
robmkivseries70 (1 stories) (57 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-21)
Hi Titanium,
Begin your search with the word "meditation" with respect to your particular skill set, this will get you started. As long as your family is open about this, ask them what you can do to improve.
Unicron1000 (guest)
5 years ago (2019-06-21)

I have a bit of Precognition myself. So, I can answer a few of your questions.

It is actually a bit common for psychic abilities to be inherited through a family line-- Though I never understood how that is.

Unfortunately, I do not know how you can improve your abilities because I am trying to figure out the same thing myself.

I hope I was of help.

- Unic--Ron1000

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