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I'm Not Sure If I Have Psychic Abilities


I am very new to this and I don't know what to do. To start I believe that I was born with my third eye open, when I was around 4 year's old I started having terrible night terrors I would sleep walk, get terrible nightmares, get waken by voices, and would see green figures walking in the hall of my house. But after a few months it all just stopped suddenly and it hasn't happened to this day. I still have nightmares occasionally but never to the level of terror that I had back then. I didn't really notice anything diffrent until I was 10 year's old. I started having super realistic dreams then at some point it happens in real life. Its like someone has taken a picture or a small video from my future and sent it to me through my dreams.

I have my suspicions of course, even now I feel like I'm crazy sitting here typing on a website about how I might be psychic but I don't know what else it could be. I have been try for year's to figure out if It's some weird coincidence but I happens all the time, I also don't know if this kind of stuff is real, I am now just lost and if I have some kind of mental gift I want to understand it, and if not I want to know its not that and I'm just losing it.

I just lost a relative for the first time. I haven't seen said relative in a long time, I was really close to this person she was my grandmother and I cared for her a lot I didn't even know she was in the hosptial until I was told that she was dying. There was no warning for when she was going to die she was just put on life support and my family decided to let her go I didn't hear about there decison until she was gone. But the night before she died I had a dream that I was getting a call from my family then it turns into an picture of her. I found That the same picture is being used on a website about the funeral (where it is going to be located, about her, ect). So I don't know how to explain it.

To finish up if anyone wants to ask me any questions or needs me to clarify somethings or wants to help I will be checking back here to look for answers. P.s. Sorry about grammar.

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