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I Lost My Psychic Abilities


When I was in high school, I was 14 during that time, I had psychic abilities. I was mostly experiencing Deja vu, having visions, knowing what song comes next on the radio, and hearing things from time to time. How I got them, well, it began with a horror story online, it was a video game from my childhood, next thing you know, a jump scare pops up and that's when my heart and brain vibrate with energy. I was scared so badly, I somehow gained them, it was an unnatural experience. As time went on, I was slowly losing them, and so I move on in my life. Or so I thought, I was labeled as schizophrenic when I was 18, and I want to know, how to control my abilities, and regained the ones I lost. I have been meditating for a few years, and I had my third eye open for 8 years now, I am currently 21 now, and I thought I should gained some research on how to gain my abilities back into my system. Its really hard for me to gain research on REAl magic nowadays, since I believe real magic has been either burnt or well-hidden, very rare to find nowadays, I am so sick and tired of seeing very little results, and reading the same pages of the book over and over again. What I need the most right now, is a way to regain my psychic abilities back, I am not even sure if a ghost or spirit stole them, or that someone drained my energy, I am very spiritual and a little religious, and I am studying all that I can about vibrations, frequency and the law of attraction. As I type this down, I smell cigarettes' or something burning, very rare since I'm typing down this topic. So please, whatever advice you have to give me, please let me know in here or my email Thank you, and may the stars shine down on you.


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booboo (4 stories) (13 posts)
3 years ago (2021-04-25)
i tend to agree with oOI0o those of us that are born open if we don't shut down we be in trouble its happened to me several times over my life times but I was never visited by dark energy before I tend to dream a lot but I suppose due to my empath nature we tend to take a lot on more on its taken most of my life to learn from my experiences keep my mind in neutral position esp in company of others to know what's my thoughts and not my own I never bothered to develope my self as there was no information or very little in my early childhood days my soul self loves to wander and loves musical tones its nice to be with kindred souls just to talk about our experiences
booboo (4 stories) (13 posts)
3 years ago (2021-04-23)
you can loose it all I can say when I lost mine I was visited by a dark energy which must have drained my psychic energy away fortunately I was born empathic that something they cannot take away if this happened to you will normally wake up less or not connected to your psychic energy I beleave there's a number of reasons for this although I was told it was part off the practioe of becoming or awakening I was very much this at a very young age so I did not beleave her its a bit like nowing something but you cannot quite put your finger on it, the danger is your ego like to rule the roost so don't mistake been psychic as it comes from your soul its only wish is to protect you see it checka out all the possible outcomes for your lifes path even if you get into to some sticky situations along the way 😊
GeminiYY8698 (1 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-01)
I don't have too much to say. This is but my first attempt of expression. I just had the deep inclination to tell you, a pull to tell you that I honestly think that what you are smelling was my presence from my desk. I was sitting here watching/playing with flowy energy, heat energy and darting energy on and off while slightly enraptured by some of the posts I've thus read. You're second story and of only a few posts. I think some of this stuff may transcend time at points. Don't give up sir and don't push too hard either. Like the other said, let it come healthily... If such a proper description... Lol Easy man. Live longer and prosper ^^
spookvanger (13 stories) (137 posts)
3 years ago (2021-01-27)
Hi! Over the past 70+ years I have had numerous psychic experiences and gained a lot in wisdom, some of which can be applied to you. You are meant to develop spiritually at a certain pace and not through a crash course as you have been doing. One gets to the point where you are unable to absorb and process anymore knowledge. At this point you shut down, and loose interest for a long time. Years in fact. Your guide will advise you when you are ready for your next session. It has happened to me a few times during my lifetime. So, don't despair, it is natural, it happens.
-o0I0o- (19 posts)
3 years ago (2021-01-10)
Smelling cigarettes has been associated with the presence of a spirit. That is when you have eliminated the physical / logical possibilities like someone around or upwind truly smoking a cigarette or perhaps having burned toast nearby.
-o0I0o- (19 posts)
3 years ago (2021-01-10)
The first time you triggered psychic abilities was unique. It is beneficial that you not expect them to come in a flash. I can share what has seemed to have worked for me. I do not have a technique or formula.

It helps to be balanced and grounded. When grounded I feel practically invincible, not literally but like I have my full faculties available. It is a realistic view. I know myself and my limitations. I do not expect to levitate or read everything precisely.

I exposed myself to environments which were conducive / ideal to explore such activities. Meaning, I attended retreats, took classes and acquired friends who were naturally good at it. I had friends who were professional psychics. I had a girlfriend who was a pro psychic and first experienced shared dreams and multidimensional sexual activity with her. Later my wife was very advanced and she was writing a book dictated by her guides. She needed a companion to hear her speak the words as she received them to sort of complete the flow. I occasionally saw the words floating or heard them before she spoke them aloud. This was able to observe and share many experiences intimately. My first experience of conscious astral projecting was the result of her guides coaching and preparing me.

She passed away and I rejected these topics for many years. I became cynical of them and just lived a regular life. Except that I had been guided and prepared for things when I was actively involved and I remembered and applied the same techniques when I saw how they might benefit situations. For instance, I relocated to a different area and found a place to live I know I was guided to. Sometimes your guides and The Universe needs time and opportunity to do little things for you that lead you to bigger things. Part of this process involved taking steps that accomplished that. We are not all identical. I only know what they did for me and it worked so I used the same process on myself and that worked. Some people have things come more abruptly or dramatically and some have things happen in a wide variety of ways. There is no single rule.

Regarding Law of Attraction, I have not seen evidence that this works for most people and it seems to take a very unique mindset in those that use it. There is the phenomenon of not thinking of a carrot. In other words, here and now do not think of a carrot for a moment. If you are like most people you will think of a carrot. I was born with a natural ability with visual arts. I am exceptionally creative. It is counter=productive for me to hold to a single idea. I am naturally open to ideas. This enables me to see more, to refine and reach higher for an ever-fleeting perfection glimpsing the Heavens. I do not see how I could control my thoughts to utilize Law of Attraction techniques at will. Maybe you can. Good luck.

I find that insights come to me when I am focused on a task. I have done the opposite and see the value in operating in the groove, reaching a Zen state of activity, flowing with The Source. I experimented with being more open and multitasking. Both still must be done while focused on the task giving much less attention to things aside from the task. I thought I would miss the additional input if I was not paying attention. It does not work that way though. The additional input comes from within you not outside. By coming within it comes through you and as part of the motion and action of the focused upon task. If you anticipate it coming from outside you will devote less attention on the task and not do a good of a job at it. You might manage to complete it well, it is not impossible, but you do so with a compromised mindset. You are increasing your chances of doing well when you are deeply involved to the point where things become timeless.

Another tip is to train yourself to catch and pay attention to thoughts popping into your mind. We are encouraged to pay more attention to external stimuli. We tend to miss these thoughts. As you start to train yourself to notice and give them a chance you may notice them but act too quickly and not give them a chance. At this stage you can at least look back and see whether they were beneficial. As you begin to give them their due consideration their value will increase. Meaning, what you are sent will get more important and have more impact. This is partially because you will develop a channel for these insights to flow through and you will be utilizing them more which in turn leads to a knowing, a confidence in the process, a sense of connection to higher guidance and awareness that you are not alone as you live your life. It will not be such an uphill climb or feel so much like a battle or struggle. This applies to everything from accessing psychic insight to finding a job or a new car or a good meal.

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