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What Were The White Sparkles I Saw After Making Love?


Last year, I met someone and began an immediate, intense romantic relationship. We were immediately attracted to each and had a lot in common! Sometime during the first 4 months, there was a night we made very intense, passionate love, which we often did, and on one particular occasion, while laying in bed in the dimly lit room by candlelight, we both held our hands up together and saw tiny, glistening, sparkles flashing from different fingers around both our hands. We are in our 50's, mature and with my science degree, I'm always looking for a "rational " explanation to everything first. I am stumped on this one literally! The only thing I can possibly say it could possibly be, was energy. The deeply passionate lovemaking was nothing I had ever experienced to this degree my whole life. We both felt the intensity between us, were inseparable and still are in a deeply passionate and intense relationship. We feel a total completeness of each other when together. At the other end of the spectrum, our disagreements can be intense and volatile yet with an unexplainable desire to reconnect and be together almost immediately. We both saw that energy that night within the dimly lit room. There was no reflection from any light source that could have contributed to those fascinating sparks of light which lasted a few minutes only. I have never been able to be fully confident in my explanation even with my years of mystical, spiritual training.

I would welcome any explanations, comments, ideas or suggestions from others. Thanks!


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Aros (3 stories) (12 posts)
3 years ago (2021-03-18)
I agree with layschips98, the synchronicity of your energies creates a powerful energy that can quite literally become visible. It also sounds like you both have shared many lifetimes together. I found that same connection in this life and although we are not together today, it was undeniably powerful and like nothing I have ever felt before or since. Hope you guys keep it going!
layschips98 (21 posts)
4 years ago (2020-12-08)
Hi ever heard of "sparks fly" when people talk about chemistry between two people? It's real, so are fireworks. When you were having that amazing sex, it was the product of both your energies that vibrationally and energetically created it. Your minds also shifted consciousness since your energies synched up together, so your third eyes were more open than usual. Hope y'all get married or something haha

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