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White Smoke Above Dad's Head


I saw smoke form above my Dad's head tonight. I ran over because I thought he was smoking a crack pipe or something crazy. But he doesn't smoke. He never has. He doesn't do drugs. He loves drinking. He doesn't have a dead end job but one for 33 years. So he definitely wasn't smoking.

SO WHAT DID I SEE? I wasn't on any hallucinogens etc. I was perfectly coherent. White smoke pooled above my Dad's head, specifically, then dissipated into the air. It was an intense experience. I talked to my brother for an hour on the phone afterwards just to calm myself down because he was the only one that believed me. My fan turned off by itself a few days ago. The heavy switch to the whole ceiling fan was off somehow. I've never touched it once in my life. My parents either. I'm wondering if the two are related.

Smoke above his head lightly formed and then evaporated. I didn't smell anything or have any feelings but after seeing this I was very stunned because of how vivid and concrete it was. I can't stress enough how clear as day it was. One strand of the smoke curled as though it were a wave in the ocean forming a tube, crashing in on itself. The hardest part about this is the my folks think I'm crazy now. There was nothing above my Mom's head. It was very concentrated over where my dad was sitting.

My Dad asked when I immediately brought it up: "white smoke or black?"

I told him white. He said "good." I don't know how he can play it off like it's a joke or nothing. I guess he meant black smoke means death and white is "good smoke". But they're not understanding that I had something happen and it wasn't just me imagining it.

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apriln1078 (1 posts)
1 year ago (2023-02-23)
I registered to this site just to comment. I had De Ja Vu when I read the title of your post. Many years ago I went with my parents to try regression therapy... Hypnosis for past lives. I was in High School at the time and had been out late the night before. The room was made to be comfortable in order to be hypnotized. Music, lighting, and the Thearapit was talking to my Dad who was the one having the regression process done. I was sitting on a couch like 2" away and I dozed off. I awake because I heard a voice that was not one of us... It said something like relax. I immediate;y asked if subliminal messages were in the music. I was told it was possible that I heard something. So I was like, Ok...ok. Next, I look over at my Dad who was leaning back in a chair and being hypnotized. I saw this smoke curling around his head... I like blink and look. Yep, it is still there and it is like smoke swirling above and around his face. It wasn't bright white but almost see-through...but swirled and was similar to cigarette smoke. There was no smoking going on in the room. It lasted like a minute and was gone... No, one but me saw it. I assumed it was an aura or something.
johnfly (25 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-06)
Hello [at] IKnowWhatISaw

Were there any specific sensations you received when you saw the smoke?

Did you feel any energy during that experience?

If you did, did it feel condensed?
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
4 years ago (2020-04-28)
Was your dad watching something pleasurable on the tv at the time? In rare situations people can catch a glimpse of another person's aura. Auras can arc, expand and contract. I say "something pleasurable" because like your father said, white filaments are probably the result of something positive. This is more likely you seeing an aura than a spirit, though that is possible too. Usually though spirits are more seen as orbs and flashing through the room, versus a wispy cloud over someone's head.

Either way though, now you know that there is more to this physical world than most people are willing to accept. If your curiosity takes you to the next step, perhaps you can learn more or even become adept at seeing auras.

Thanks for sharing.

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